Pre-Easter Egg Hunts

March 24, 2018 | This is the year we did ALL THE EGG THINGS — I mean, this particular day E was able to hunt eggs TWICE! I think D’s company egg-hunt really brought out the competitive side of hunting, because despite the cold there were tons of people out there. We arrived just minutes before the start, which worked out well because that meant no line to see the Easter Bunny (quick hug and a photo).  We ran around the circle of people, and strained to hear “GO!” before we just let her start running.  Pure, hilarious pandemonium!

Once that was complete, we had a little time at home before our friends’ annual kid-hunt — which is our favorite because, ya know, FRIENDS. E is getting old enough that we can just let her play, which means lots of chat-time. L is so good at planning this event — she made sure there was a challenging golden egg for each kid, and some fun little prizes to boot!  There was pizza, and cartoons, and beer.  It’s awesome — and would have been even better if KSU won their BBall game.  I believe we stayed until late into the night??  OOops!

Swimming Lesson!

March 20, 2018 | We knew we wanted to get E involved in some REAL swim lessons — all of our Summer lake-time makes this a big priority. After looking at some really expensive options, I noticed a new place going in near our Target, and immediately called/got into their schedule. I am amazed how easily she just goes in ready to do whatever is going to happen…barely even looked back at us! Coach Anna is braver than I (being in charge of four toddlers that can’t swim inside a pool), but we can already see her learning some great things. It’s pretty cool!

St. Patrick’s Day!

March 17, 2018 | This St. Patty’s Day happen to fall on a Saturday, which means that the usual parade we go to (family-friendly) happened the weekend PRIOR. Oops! It didn’t seem like a great idea to bring the littles downtown for the crazy adult-scene, so to the Dino museum we went! Luckily our membership went through the end of the month, and my sister had a pass for her family too. We enjoyed a long visit to the museum, and then it was time for FOOD. Outside was cold so we ducked into the first restaurant you walk by…Rock & Brews (ha). The kids actually did really well, with some coloring and outdoor toys, and it worked out that when we were done there was NO LINE to pet the “unicorn” down the street at the toy store. Perfect! And after spending a lot of time checking out the toys, it was finally time to head home for the afternoon. No naps isn’t as bad as I thought it would be at all. She’s so much fun!

So glad she still poses for me when I ask — and I do all that I can to keep it SPEEDY!

Wonderscope & Duck Races

March 11, 2018 | I think March is for doing ALL THE THINGS before there’s a newborn in the house! Since May 20th isn’t too far away, we are enjoying how easy it is to get out-&-about with one fairly independent child. Dave hadn’t been to Wonderscope yet, so why not journey out there! We learned that the place is fairly “messy” after a weekend of kiddos PLUS the end of the day, but E didn’t seem to mind at all. After lots of museum-fun, there was a duck-race happening literally across the parking lot that we walked over to. We may have missed 2 of the 3 races, but it didn’t matter a bit because E got to throw the non-winning ducks into the racing water all she wanted…and even brought home a duck (that has become a permanent part of the bath-toy-gang)!

Yoga Pics + Haircut

March 5, 2018 | I began bartering some photography work with my local yoga studio…and of course the first day they need photos is Mommy-Day (Monday). But they told me to just bring her along, and it would be totally fine…so I did!  She wanted to be IN the photos, and just a part of all the happenings. It was pretty cute…especially her photo-bomb peeking under the curtain! I was even roped into posing for some pre-natal poses…but I love that I have some of her doing yoga with me!

Fast-forward to that night…and we take our eyes off of her for a few minutes and I catch her with scissors behind the kitchen table. Glad I caught her when I did, and the damage was minimal. We think she was influenced by a trip to the barber with Papa the previous Friday…but it’s a right of passage anyways…??? Crazy kid!

Local Park Visit

March 3, 2018 | It’s a fairly nice Saturday morning, why not pack up your dinosaurs and go for a hike! Dave didn’t know that this park had an indoor office/exploration area, so we went to check that out first before hitting the trail. The dinos had a blast “fighting” in the creek, which then lead to skipping rocks. Me being a bit “large” with the baby-belly meant several breaks, but it was still totally worth it! Even with a nap in the afternoon 🙂

I had to put together a little composite of E’s recent art at this age too. Rainbows, dinos, and LOTS of writing her own name. It’s pretty amazing to see her creativity and LOVE of art!