Cider Mill

October 1, 2018 | Day one of October, and we decided to rally the girls and head to the Cider Mill! Mondays are usually pretty slow there, which means we had the place mostly to ourselves. M had a blowout on the way there, and I had NO BACKUP PANTS. Which means the poor baby just had a light blanket to wear over her legs in the cold! Next I made E hold M for a photo with their cousin in the pumpkins…bad mom? Maybe… 🙂 E and C had a blast running around the Fall kid-stuff (after cider donuts and a cider-slushy of course), and M snoozed mostly. This time next year E will be in SCHOOL <sob>…


Pumpkin Patch

September 29, 2018 | My favorite time of year always includes the pumpkin patch, and we decided to try a new spot AND go on opening weekend. Normally this is a bad idea for kid-activities, but for this instance I think people weren’t feeling “fall” yet so it was pretty open. This place was really great, and M did so well napping in the Ergo! E even took my camera for a change…she’s credited with the family-shot. We bought a huge pumpkin, and spent hours there. Let all the Fall-things begin!

Bandit Sisters

September 27, 2018 | When we put M in the outfit and called her a Bandit, E was very confused. Which led to lots of explaining, and laughing about a baby being a robber, and ultimately E wanted a few photos with the BABY BANDIT in the front yard…ha! I’m happy to oblige of course!


September 22, 2018: Attempting to shoot a little different than usual…darker. The things I note about these images are E’s whispy hairs, and M’s sweet baby profile. Also her reflux medicine…twice a day for that poor belly! The YL Diffuser, and the bottle drying rack…such a snap shot for this time in our life…