Our baby’s birth story

The inspiration behind starting this blog — our sweet baby girl!  She’s been here for almost a month, and I decided that I need to get on the ball and document her birth story while I still remember it!

February 18, 2014
We had about a week until the due date of Feb. 26th, 2014 and the calendar was completely clear.  I had just put my Maternity Leave notice up on social media, and I was ready to pull together all the last-minute things before baby!  My family came over that night for Italian Beef since we knew our hosting days were limited, and it was a nice casual night.  Dave suggested a photo with my sister since we didn’t have one together with both of us Expecting…and I’m so glad he did.  They leave, I clean up, and we head to sleep.

February 19, 2014
It’s around 3:00 AM when I wake up to some cramping…but I just wonder if it’s pregnancy pain?  I don’t even wake the husband and head downstairs to roll on the exercise ball a bit and try to go back to sleep.  I’m pretty sure I quickly napped on the couch, but soon couldn’t do that because I was realizing this might be IT!  I finally grab Dave around 6:00 AM and tell him I think things are progressing, and he wants to dash right out the door.  But in my usual manner I want to shower, get a few things done, etc before we leave…this is our last time alone in the house!

We get to the hospital where I’m admitted to triage, and they attempt to tell me my water hasn’t broken and I’m not too far along.  I’m convinced they are wrong, as the contractions are getting stronger and closer.  After about 90-min of sitting around and waiting, they admit us!  The labor & delivery room is gorgeous, the sun is shining bright in the windows, and I begin bracing for those lovely contractions.  In the beginning I had the peaks and valleys, but by Noon I was asking for the epidural since the valleys were no longer happening.  I finally got a little rest, and progressed well over the next few hours.  We listened to the Spotify playlist that Dave had created (twice) and before I knew it the nurse was telling me she could see dark hair!  Is it a boy or girl????  I was convinced boy the whole time, but we would soon find out…!

Dr. Sheridan came in and we started the true pushing…and before I knew it a baby GIRL was placed on my chest.  But only for a few moments because she wasn’t breathing.  The transition didn’t go well for her, and there were about 4-5 nurses working on her in the corner.  I could only catch a small fraction of what they were saying, and when I looked at Dave he was sweating and a little green (the Dr. asked him to sit down)!  After a good 15-minutes they brought her to me again for a moment and had to take her to NICU.  There are no words to describe all of the anticipation to meet your baby, and then to have her taken away so quickly.  Dave went out to the lobby to get my family so we could share the gender, and their puzzled faces when they came in to the labor room (since there was no baby) threw me into some tears.
BabyE-BirthStory_0003 BabyE-BirthStory_0004 BabyE-BirthStory_0005

Dave went upstairs to visit her while I waited for my epidural to wear off.  They would not let me go until I could use the bathroom!  It was a long three hours or so…but finally Dave wheeled me up to the 4th floor so I could really see/meet our daughter.  She was in a room all by herself, with a very bruised chest and a space-helmet on to help her with oxygen.  It was surreal…we were both in complete shock, exhausted, and overwhelmed.  Of course our recovery room was on the 2nd floor, and they asked me to go back down there and start pumping every three hours since we were apart.  HARDEST…THING…EVER.

The next 48-hours are somewhat of a blur…we are sharing time between the recovery room and the NICU room where she is getting treated, and we find out she has a bacterial infection of Group B Strep (even though I tested negative at 34-35 weeks).  This means 7-10 days of antibiotics through an IV, and an extended stay in the NICU.  We know we are going to be discharged, but what do we do after that?  This is where Mary Anne comes in…my favorite nurse, and the person I will be forever grateful to for her advice and guidance!  More on that later… 🙂

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