Baby Eye Doctor?

April 30, 2014 | Yes, they really do exist.  Sitting in the waiting room looking at the little glasses “store” for kiddos I was amazed.  How can you determine a prescription for a baby/toddler that cannot talk?!  I should have known there’s a way… 🙂

E has had a slight Ptosis since she was born on her left eye.  We were watching it closely, and after consulting Dr. Google (which is so dangerous to do) I read that it doesn’t typically correct itself.  The pediatrician decided that we should have it checked out to be proactive, and I’m so glad we did.  The Dr. was great (all 10-minutes we saw him) and said that it isn’t severe enough to be causing any vision-issues, or putting pressure on the actual eye-ball which could create shape-changes/problems down the line.  We don’t have to follow-up until she is a year old!

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They are the I lucky or what? :)

They are the cutest…am I lucky or what? 🙂

And getting Westside Local (to go) was a great way to celebrate!


April 26, 2014 | I can already see it happening.  Getting super excited over the tiniest things that this little person can do.  She’s growing up, getting bigger, and really interacting with us!  I can see her face trying to mimic what we do, and it’s obvious that she wants to communicate.  The baby-sounds are wonderful!

Activity mat has been a happy place for E, as she gets to flail her arms and kick a LOT.  Monkey has always been her favorite, and on this particular Saturday morning she CAUGHT him.  And it happened again today (photo #2) so I know it isn’t a fluke.  Wow!  Cue inspirational music… 🙂

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E’s First Easter!

April 19, 2014 | It’s pretty exciting to experience all of the “firsts” with a little one…so naturally we have a post for E’s very first Easter!  While she’s way too little to actually hunt for eggs, she did get to meet lots more of the family (Dave’s side) and wore her very first dress.  Here is the entire clan on Dave’s side — minus Katie/Clint/Clayton/Mel


Sunday was for my side of the family, where I forced everyone into a mini-photo session in the backyard.  I brought the wrong lens for this, but you have to make it work!  I believe Abbey is around 27 weeks here with Baby Boy.

IMG_0372ab IMG_0401a IMG_0442a IMG_0468a IMG_0491a

Mom had an Easter basket for our sweet girl, and it was a really great time.  Oh, and my Dad really wanted to capture his first time taking E on a walk in the “Land Rover” (so nicknamed)… 🙂

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Two Month Dr. Appt

April 18, 2014 | It was shots time…three of them plus an oral vaccine.  YIKES!  I thought that we would be “trained” for this after being in the NICU, but I still managed to tear-up a little bit after seeing those needles thrown into her chubby thighs.  She recovered quickly, and Dave had a bottle ready to go.  I’m so happy he was off work that day, because we were able to accomplish some errands together and even enjoy a family walk!

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The E-Girls!

April 16, 2014 | It has been so incredibly awesome learning this new role of “Mom” at the same time as Lauren and her own Baby E.  We live somewhat far apart, but we’ve met up several times just to practice leaving the house with a little time-bomb angel… 🙂  When the weather turns nice, it’s all about being outdoors and using the BOB strollers. Yes, I swapped to this version just in time!

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