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May 29, 2014 | Some quick facts for the Bean

– We call you the Bean all the time.  Baby Bean, Super Bean, Miss Bean…all thanks to one of your adorable swaddle-blankets from the hospital.
Mach 5 is the “affectionate” term for your crazy-cry.  I’ve only seen it four times in your life, but trust me that’s enough!  Your limbs go stick-straight, your face turns bright red, and you do these quick-screams with your eyes wide open!
– Your talking is so much FUN right now.  It may not make much sense to us yet, but I could listen to you all day.  (Remind me I said this when you are two)
– Standing is so fun!  We have to balance you, but you seem to be the happiest when you can stand on your own two feet.
– Grasping this is your new mission.  You are able to, but you get frustrated when it can’t get into your mouth!
– The drool is ever-present on your lips/face/clothes/hands/eyelashes…see proof below!

IMG_0290aIMG_0203a IMG_0417a

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