Baby Facts at 15-weeks


  • You love when we pretend to yawn/sneeze — it gets the best smiles!
  • You are drinking 3-4 oz per feed, more towards 4 now that day care gives you bottles so we know the exact amounts
  • Standing (assisted) is your favorite, along with lots of babbling.  We wish we knew all of the things you are trying to tell us!
  • Daddy provides the 8:30 bottle/last feed of the day.  I love that you have this time with him, and many nights you’ll sleep until 3-4 AM.  Unless you break out of the swaddle…
  • Speaking of swaddle, you tend to break free a lot more which wakes you up.  We aren’t sure how to break the swaddle-habit, so we are avoiding doing anything…ha!
  • Cloth diapers have been working really well, and I wish we would have started them sooner.  It feels good to know that we aren’t creating so much trash, and they are pretty darn easy to boot.  Even day care is letting us use them there!

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