Fun Facts at 22 weeks

July 24, 2014 | Your funny things lately are;

  • You love Mosby — you can be cranky and he walks into the room and you smile BIG
  • Outside is also a great soothing place, so here’s hoping that sticks around!
  • The drool.  Just when I think you can’t possibly drool more…
  • Your giggles, while not often heard, were the best when I said ZZZZZZIIIPPP!
  • For several weeks you’ve been sleeping through the night (YAY!) and last night you demanded to be put to sleep by 7 (early) and didn’t wake until almost 7 this morning.  Wow, we were impressed!
  • You smile for strangers when they come up to your car seat — like you know they are telling you how cute you are
  • You seem to love a blankey to go to sleep (even though we can’t leave it with you anymore for safety reasons)
  • You roll all over — back to front, to back again.  She’s a mover!
  • We feel so lucky to have a happy girl.  Unless you’re tired, you’re pretty darn smiley.
photo 3 (13)

First trip to the park, and our local farmer’s market!

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Cousin is here!

July 8, 2014 | My sister was due on August 1st, but her son had other plans.  After not feeling too well at work, she decided to have a co-worker take her to the hospital.  Preeclampsia had suddenly shown it’s face, so a c-section was up next.  At 4 lbs 13 oz, B arrived into the world.  I brought my camera to capture some of the waiting, and a little of the newest family member!

IMG_0002a IMG_0003a IMG_0008a IMG_0012a IMG_0014a IMG_0020a IMG_0023a IMG_0025a IMG_0028a IMG_0036aThen a visit to actually meet the BOY a couple days later!
IMG_0001a IMG_0020a IMG_0029a IMG_0034aWelcome to our family Baby B!