First Snow

December 18, 2014 | When the forecast called for snow overnight, I was already picturing E in her snowsuit exploring this amazing blanket of WHITE for some photos.  And when the sky delivered, the camera came out!  She kept sticking her hands in it, and looking at us with a bit of confusion.  We hope she’ll love the snow on the CO slopes someday!

IMG_1546a IMG_1565a IMG_1577a

Baby Sunglasses? Yes please!

December 12, 2014 | Ever since you mastered the stand and pulling-up, your top hang-out in the house is against the fireplace.  You use your little Buddha belly and just hold it up there so you can be hands-free!  I bought the Little People Nativity Set, hoping you would have a little interest…but instead you became OBSESSED!  The poor angel atop the manger took quick a beating her first Christmas, but the song made you smile and sometimes dance.  And obviously we had a hard time letting go of the Halloween bucket from Grandma H.  Then I cam across some baby-Raybans (not really the brand) and for $5 I couldn’t resist.  Now if we could just get them to stay on your little face!

IMG_0456a IMG_0527a IMG_0532a IMG_0543a IMG_0551a IMG_0568a IMG_0572a


December 8, 2014 | I love how the internet can create new friendships, and that’s just what happened with Emily & I!  Our little ones are just one month apart, so we thought that the two E’s should get together and meet.  It was a chilly day for sure, but they had a fun time on the playground!

IMG_0358a IMG_0361a IMG_0369a IMG_0387a IMG_0392a IMG_0410a IMG_0421a IMG_0428a IMG_0437a IMG_0446aAnd with my cell phone, I captured a favorite image of my E:
2014-12-08 12.34.02-1 2014-12-08 12.40.47 HDR-1

Our Christmas Card

December 7, 2014 | Husband and I have a long tradition of sending an amusing Christmas card…and this being our first year with a kiddo the pressure was ON to be funny.  After much deliberation, we decided to just go a bit more “cute”… 🙂  We drove out to a Christmas Tree farm, and I setup a tripod & flash and we got started.  The photos were quick and painless, and I was thrilled!

HaasCardFrontHaasCardBackIMG_0179a IMG_0181a IMG_0196a IMG_0223aIt wasn’t until we were home that D realized his ring was missing.  I glanced through the images on the back of my camera, and saw it wasn’t there.  So we drove back out to the tree farm to search the area!

2014-12-07 14.42.12-1After an hour we called it…and I started looking online to borrow a metal detector.  A friend DID have one, and on the third trip out there I FOUND IT!

2014-12-09 12.50.33