Baby Sunglasses? Yes please!

December 12, 2014 | Ever since you mastered the stand and pulling-up, your top hang-out in the house is against the fireplace.  You use your little Buddha belly and just hold it up there so you can be hands-free!  I bought the Little People Nativity Set, hoping you would have a little interest…but instead you became OBSESSED!  The poor angel atop the manger took quick a beating her first Christmas, but the song made you smile and sometimes dance.  And obviously we had a hard time letting go of the Halloween bucket from Grandma H.  Then I cam across some baby-Raybans (not really the brand) and for $5 I couldn’t resist.  Now if we could just get them to stay on your little face!

IMG_0456a IMG_0527a IMG_0532a IMG_0543a IMG_0551a IMG_0568a IMG_0572a

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