The End of 2014

December 30, 2014 | The Holidays may be over, but I have a hard time letting go! We had to get a couple more wears out of your Santa Baby onesie (which is a total lie based on your experience with Santa) and these pants I purchased before you were born. Can Christmas really be over?  It was a busy month, but a complete blast. Baby Bean, this year has been awesome/challenging/fun/crazy/sleepless/loving…I could go on and on.  We love you so much, and cannot wait to see what this next year has in store for us!

IMG_0689a IMG_0693a IMG_0708a IMG_0733a IMG_0739a IMG_0750a

Bath Time at 10 & 11 Months

December 30, 2014 | I wanted to make some quick notes about bath time at this age, because it’s hilarious and crazy!  As a newborn you hated the bath, would scream the entire time no matter what we did.  Fast-forward a few months and you loved it…phew! Now you love it so much, that when it’s over it takes both of us to get you diapered and dressed!  I’m constantly amazed by how strong your little body can be when you want to get away from us…ha!

IMG_0581a IMG_0610a IMG_0622a IMG_0660a IMG_0667a IMG_0671aWe also had our first REAL cold this month — as in, awake multiple times in the night and just so sad!  It was obvious you weren’t feeling 100%.  The drool and snot were endless, but you took it like a champ for sure!

Wooden Camera + Visiting Friends

December 29, 2014 | A photographers’ daughter needs to have several options when it comes to toy cameras…right?  I noticed on this day that she happened to be dressed in the exact color scheme of her Twig Creative camera…so we jumped out in the front yard for a few photos!

IMG_1272a IMG_1286aIMG_1283a IMG_1301a

The holidays also mean some friends travel into town, and so I was able to see S a few times while she was here!  She met E as a newborn all those months ago, and I was happy to see them reunited (even if E looks less than thrilled)…ha!

IMG_0887a IMG_0897a

Day-After Christmas

December 26, 2014 | In an effort to relax/enjoy the Holiday, we had my family Christmas the day-after…which was awesome.  We were able to spend most of the day together, and eat the signature lasagna at my parents’ home!  With both E and her cousin experiencing their first Christmas (in the matching PJ’s I found for them) it was truly all about the babies. So much fun!  I wasn’t too great about snapping photos of everyone on this day, but there are plenty of E & B!

IMG_0810a IMG_0818a IMG_0824a IMG_0835a IMG_0865a IMG_0868a IMG_0878a IMG_0883a


First Christmas

December 25, 2014 | We started this BIG day with just us three.  D and I kept this year simple with three Christmas gifts for E.  A tunnel, a wooden hammer/peg-board set, and a toy camera that plays music.  There were a few book-gifts in there too!  She didn’t really understand what was going on, but I adore Christmas so I was beyond excited!  After PJ’s and some photos, we were dressed for church and I snapped a few more of her cute outfit in front of the tree (which had the ornaments added just a few days prior).  Warning…lots of photos coming!

IMG_1175a IMG_1180a IMG_1182a IMG_1199a IMG_1213a IMG_1227a IMG_1245a IMG_1262a IMG_1286a IMG_1289aD’s gift was a new DRONE, and mine was a new snowboard!
IMG_1304aIMG_0764aIMG_0773aIMG_0783aIMG_0795aIMG_1330a IMG_1341a IMG_1366a

In the evening, it was off to the BIG family (D’s side) celebration!  Around 50 immediate family members, all crammed into one place with gifts (& white elephants) to exchange. It’s crazy, awesome, loud & fun…E was a champ.  She let almost everyone hold her, and before we knew it she was taking off on her own crawling around all the feet.  Not to mention finding anything she could to put in her mouth!  I’m so glad we arrived early, because this is also when we heard our niece’s news…baby on the way! 🙂

IMG_1375a IMG_1386a IMG_1388a IMG_1393a IMG_1397a IMG_1401a IMG_1404a IMG_1406a IMG_1412a IMG_1413a IMG_1419a IMG_1423a