Bath Time at 10 & 11 Months

December 30, 2014 | I wanted to make some quick notes about bath time at this age, because it’s hilarious and crazy!  As a newborn you hated the bath, would scream the entire time no matter what we did.  Fast-forward a few months and you loved it…phew! Now you love it so much, that when it’s over it takes both of us to get you diapered and dressed!  I’m constantly amazed by how strong your little body can be when you want to get away from us…ha!

IMG_0581a IMG_0610a IMG_0622a IMG_0660a IMG_0667a IMG_0671aWe also had our first REAL cold this month — as in, awake multiple times in the night and just so sad!  It was obvious you weren’t feeling 100%.  The drool and snot were endless, but you took it like a champ for sure!

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