February 23, 2015 | While you are taking your first few steps, it’s still just easier SAFER for us to place you in the walker when we need to accomplish things around the kitchen. Safer for you, but maybe not-so-much for our ankles!  You pick-up some serious speed, and the dog literally runs away when he hears those rumbling wheels.  You love him more than anything, and he is just so sad to be sharing the spotlight he avoids you as much as he can.  Poor guy…his depression is obvious in the photos, but your adoration is too!IMG_0800aIMG_0786aIMG_0810aIMG_0814a


When you really get going, this is your EXTREME face!

1st Birthday Party!

February 21, 2015 | The big day finally arrived, your BIRTHDAY PARTY!  We really wanted both friends AND family there, so it was a rather big event.  You were a little sick the week prior, and I was so worried we would have to cancel.  But per usual, you amaze me & recovered in time to celebrate.  I made a promise to myself that I would enjoy the party and really only take photos of the cake.  I mostly stuck to it, and thankfully my friend Eric grabbed my camera for a few photos with ME in them!  There was food, cake and cupcakes, lots of people who love & care about you, and KIDS.  I also crochet’d your party hat, but the strap was too tight so it lasted about .2 seconds.  You had a blast, and napped like a champ when it was all over.  We asked for no gifts, and really people followed the rules well!  Except for family, but they get a pass…we love you little Bean!

IMG_0451a IMG_0765aIMG_0449a IMG_0774aIMG_0465aIMG_0470aIMG_0473aIMG_0475aIMG_0481aIMG_0489aIMG_0496aIMG_0502aIMG_0536aIMG_0554aIMG_0558aIMG_0560aIMG_0571aIMG_0627aIMG_0640aIMG_0652aIMG_0674aIMG_0677aIMG_0683aIMG_0729aIMG_0708aIMG_0755a

More Sledding

February 16, 2015 | This sled has turned out to be a GREAT purchase around here.  While this season the snow wasn’t too frequent, we made sure to bust it out any chance we could.  The photos don’t show it, but you LOVE to be pulled around in this thing.  Bundling-up is a little rough, but once you’re outdoors it’s the best.  Your hands got a bit cold this time, so the outing ended in tears.  But it was worth it…right? 🙂

IMG_1981a IMG_1988a

E’s Birthday Party!

February 14, 2015 | Our BFF E celebrated her first birthday with an adorable pink&gold party.  It was gorgeous, and precious, just like Miss E!  I brought the big camera so I could snap a few cake images (my favorite) and I’m so glad I did.  The cake was infamous (even if their dog snagged the leftovers from the counter), and E opened her presents pretty darn well!  She knew what was going on…and our E managed to jump right onto her new toddler-trampoline before the birthday girl even had a chance!

IMG_0398a IMG_0418a IMG_0448a IMG_0471a IMG_0490a IMG_0495a IMG_0519a IMG_0561aIMG_0663aIMG_0670aIMG_0695aWith all the babies, I also managed a few photos of R & O getting a bottle…and being wary of this giant baby girl trying to grab their feet!
IMG_0604a IMG_0616a IMG_0636a IMG_0653a IMG_0659aIMG_0586a