1st Birthday Party!

February 21, 2015 | The big day finally arrived, your BIRTHDAY PARTY!  We really wanted both friends AND family there, so it was a rather big event.  You were a little sick the week prior, and I was so worried we would have to cancel.  But per usual, you amaze me & recovered in time to celebrate.  I made a promise to myself that I would enjoy the party and really only take photos of the cake.  I mostly stuck to it, and thankfully my friend Eric grabbed my camera for a few photos with ME in them!  There was food, cake and cupcakes, lots of people who love & care about you, and KIDS.  I also crochet’d your party hat, but the strap was too tight so it lasted about .2 seconds.  You had a blast, and napped like a champ when it was all over.  We asked for no gifts, and really people followed the rules well!  Except for family, but they get a pass…we love you little Bean!

IMG_0451a IMG_0765aIMG_0449a IMG_0774aIMG_0465aIMG_0470aIMG_0473aIMG_0475aIMG_0481aIMG_0489aIMG_0496aIMG_0502aIMG_0536aIMG_0554aIMG_0558aIMG_0560aIMG_0571aIMG_0627aIMG_0640aIMG_0652aIMG_0674aIMG_0677aIMG_0683aIMG_0729aIMG_0708aIMG_0755a

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