Rock the Belleview

April 11, 2015 | Our good friend Matt realized that his new home sits on a half-marathon route.  Naturally that means you should purchase a keg, invite your friends + kids over at 8 AM, and relax on a big couch while passing out cool beverages…right?  While we were a bit late (and missed the runners) we still had a chance to spend some time with friends, enjoy a cold one, and let E get to know other kiddos her age.  Note:  She still does not want to be held by strangers… 🙂

2015-04-11 10.31.03-1 2015-04-11 10.39.28-1 2015-04-11 11.06.29 2015-04-11 11.54.27-1

After this event, we three walked to Brookside from their home for a nice lunch.  The weather was perfect, and it isn’t often we are hanging around this great area.  Tables were packed with people, so we picked a grassy (well, maybe just dirt) spot to picnic, and E loved it.  There’s a chance she ate as much dirt as food, but who’s really taking notice!

2015-04-11 12.44.47


Post-lunch driving back home E fell asleep…so we just hung out in the car for an hour or so while the active-toddler recharged.  As if the day hadn’t been busy enough, we had the last-minute plan to go BACK to the Farmstead.  A quick call to my parents and they met us there for more adventures!  I’m so glad I packed her tennis shoes and a different onesie (since the temps were much warmer than the morning).

2015-04-11 15.16.51 HDR 2015-04-11 16.30.27-1 2015-04-11 21.55.47

Purple Coveralls

April 9, 2015 | I was cleaning out E’s closet the other day, since she’s grown out of half the contents, when I came across these purple coveralls I’d found at a consignment sale. Now despite the fact it is SPRING, we’ve had a few cold days here and there…and you might have been in your PJ’s already but when I get an idea I just make it happen!  So after squeezing your legs into these coveralls we ran to the backyard…and I couldn’t stop LAUGHING!  The cuteness, the general ‘oompa-loompa-ness‘ of you trying to get around…even Dad was grinning about the whole scenario. You’re such a good sport… 🙂

IMG_0754a IMG_0759a IMG_0773a IMG_0781a IMG_0789a IMG_0794a

During cleaning I also found a denim jumper that was listed as 6-9 mo size (so it was supposed to be worn last Summer).  It was always HUGE, and I’m so glad I kept it anyways because it fits you now!

IMG_0740a IMG_0744a

Easter | 2015

April 5, 2015 | Easter with a toddler is pretty darn hilarious. The family all went to church together, and I made everyone arrive at our house beforehand for some photos!  It’s a little extra work for sure, but I think it’s worth it. 🙂 E stayed in her car seat for over half of the service (which is a small miracle) thanks to her toothbrush, and cousin B took a nice nap. Post-service we drove through Starbucks & returned home for some brunch. That’s when I “hid” the eggs in the front yard for the littles.  Since E had a little practice the day before, she was a pro walking around and putting the eggs in her basket!  And I may have crochet’d her bunny hat + eggs as well.  It was adorable, and they weren’t even disappointed that the plastic eggs contained CHEERIOS… 🙂

IMG_0307a IMG_0312a IMG_0339a IMG_0343a IMG_0349a IMG_0402a IMG_0437a IMG_0461a IMG_0466a IMG_0495a IMG_0512a IMG_0520a IMG_0527a IMG_0533a IMG_0553a IMG_0560a IMG_0562a IMG_0566a IMG_0571a IMG_0576a IMG_0582a IMG_0587a IMG_0592a IMG_0595a IMG_0602a IMG_0611a IMG_0625a

D’s Family Easter

April 4, 2015 | The Saturday before Easter is traditionally spent with D’s side of the family! We got dressed and ready to head to the farm, but when E looked so cute I had to snap a few pics in our backyard first.  She rocked that bunny-hat I made all day!  We showed her the egg-seeking skills that were needed this time of year, and she loved picking-up each one and shaking it.  Some have candy, others have coins…guess which ones she liked to shake the most? 🙂  After some drone-flying, egg-huntin’, and lots of food we drove downtown to visit her cousin-C in the hospital. We brought along some cupcakes and smiles, and crashed hard after a full day.

IMG_0113a IMG_0148a IMG_0169a IMG_0182a IMG_0211a IMG_0228a IMG_0231a IMG_0255a IMG_0262a IMG_0274a IMG_0279a IMG_0284a2015-04-04 17.33.28 HDR2015-04-04 17.35.042015-04-04 19.29.28

The Farmstead

April 3, 2015 | Since Dad’s business is closed on Good Friday, we decided (despite the cold weather) to venture out to a local farmstead.  It would be your first time, and I know we will be returning a LOT.  So much I bought a family pass for the whole season!  We brought some ill-fitting boots for you to wear, which was just a shame because they were falling-off or tripping you most of the time.  Or if you were in socks we had to carry you around the playground/muddy floors.  Oops!  At least we ran to Target right after for some REAL sneakers!  Shoes-aside, you absolutely LOVED the whole experience.  Animals are your favorite, and you were pointing and walking up to the cages just ready to meet them. I’m positive you dreamed about the cows and goats that night!

2015-04-03 12.58.00 2015-04-03 14.15.45-1 2015-04-03 22.48.362015-04-03 14.14.33 2015-04-03 14.29.31 2015-04-03 15.24.20 HDR2015-04-03 17.02.26