Easter | 2015

April 5, 2015 | Easter with a toddler is pretty darn hilarious. The family all went to church together, and I made everyone arrive at our house beforehand for some photos!  It’s a little extra work for sure, but I think it’s worth it. 🙂 E stayed in her car seat for over half of the service (which is a small miracle) thanks to her toothbrush, and cousin B took a nice nap. Post-service we drove through Starbucks & returned home for some brunch. That’s when I “hid” the eggs in the front yard for the littles.  Since E had a little practice the day before, she was a pro walking around and putting the eggs in her basket!  And I may have crochet’d her bunny hat + eggs as well.  It was adorable, and they weren’t even disappointed that the plastic eggs contained CHEERIOS… 🙂

IMG_0307a IMG_0312a IMG_0339a IMG_0343a IMG_0349a IMG_0402a IMG_0437a IMG_0461a IMG_0466a IMG_0495a IMG_0512a IMG_0520a IMG_0527a IMG_0533a IMG_0553a IMG_0560a IMG_0562a IMG_0566a IMG_0571a IMG_0576a IMG_0582a IMG_0587a IMG_0592a IMG_0595a IMG_0602a IMG_0611a IMG_0625a

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