Father’s Day Weekend

June 19, 2015 | It had been three years since my family made it down to the lake, so we figured it was time to make that happen again. Having two little ones sure make things different, but we were prepared with lots to do and see that did NOT involve the boat. Crazy that it’s past mid-June and the Blue Water is still parked in the back corner of the blue shed!

The water-table: this thing is a bigger hit than I could have hoped for.  Both E and cousin B loved splashing around on the deck, and even tolerated being sprayed by their parents using those cush-ball-toys…hilarious for everyone.  I may have scared my sister into spilling her drink using that toy!

RP_FathersDLake_0001 RP_FathersDLake_0002 RP_FathersDLake_0003 RP_FathersDLake_0005 RP_FathersDLake_0006 RP_FathersDLake_0007 RP_FathersDLake_0008 RP_FathersDLake_0009 RP_FathersDLake_0010 RP_FathersDLake_0011 RP_FathersDLake_0012After a morning nap for B (uh, 2 hours long AND he had to be woken up) we decided to eat lunch then pack up for the Berm. With all of the rain we’ve had the water is HIGH, so most of the sitting-area wasn’t visible. But who has time to sit when you are helping toddlers “swim”?! It was B’s first time ever really being in the water besides a bath, so it was a bit more shocking for him.  The water was a bit cold, and he just didn’t LOVE it yet. E on the other hand has had lots of practice, so she was happy as could be in her little floaty. I didn’t have my phone OR my camera for this part, so here’s hoping D caught lots of great moments with the Virb! I did snag a pic of E as we were getting ready to leave with my phone…because, adorable-ness…

2015-06-20 13.33.46-1 2015-06-20 13.34.34We were nearing naptime, so after close to an hour (wow!) we made our way back to the house. Kids napped (after some resistance) and the adults just chilled in the a/c. It was a HOT day with the heat-index over 100, so down-time was mandatory!

2015-06-20 14.54.45 HDROnce the kids were up, back to playtime!  Marbles were another big hit, and B even showed E some crazy “make-all-the-loud-noises-with-toys” moves!  My sister and bro-in-law had to be on major defense with B trying to eat those cool marbles.

2015-06-20 16.56.09While D had to run and help his brother with the boat, the rest of us took a little nature walk up to the bluff. While it was still hot, there was a strong wind so it was actually pretty nice in the shade. I wanted lots of family pics up there, and luckily my family is very understanding!

RP_FathersDLake_0013 RP_FathersDLake_0014 RP_FathersDLake_0015 RP_FathersDLake_0016 RP_FathersDLake_0017 RP_FathersDLake_0018 RP_FathersDLake_0019 RP_FathersDLake_0020 RP_FathersDLake_0021It was a fun weekend, and we feel pretty darn lucky in the family-department. These little ones are so much fun!

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