Blackberry Picking!

July 18, 2015 | I was ridiculously pumped about this outing with our friends.  I’d seen lots of posts on Facebook showing families at farms picking their own fruits, and couldn’t wait to take E for her first time.  Jennifer and her family asked if we wanted to join them, so I jumped at the chance (D was on a boys-outing). It rained a bit on the way there, and harder once we arrived, but aside from my camera we didn’t mind!  Luckily E didn’t either, and once we demonstrated that she could EAT what she was picking from the vine, it was crazy from then on.  G & A really led the way on picking, so E had it down in no time.  I even managed to get into a photo this time (thanks Jennifer)!!  So much fun!

3O5A9137a 3O5A9140a 3O5A9142a 3O5A9147a 3O5A9149a 3O5A9150a 3O5A9152a 3O5A9159a 3O5A9162a 3O5A9165a 3O5A9168a 3O5A9171a 3O5A9175a 3O5A9181a 3O5A9186a 3O5A9199a3O5A9195a3O5A9205a 3O5A9211a 3O5A9227a 3O5A9234a 3O5A9237a 3O5A9240a

Free Concert Night

July 15, 2015 | I just love getting out of the house with E, and at this age she is loving it too. I’m always on the lookout for free events (so it’s not a big deal to jet-out in case of toddler-meltdown) and there is a shopping center by us that had free music in a large courtyard. We instantly noticed every other family had a blanket or chairs, with To-Go food for their kids.  Rookies over here, we assumed we could get food at the center.  Which we did, but it wasn’t the easiest to feed E!  She loved the chairs, in fact she was in & out most of the time.  Drinking from a big cup was also pretty awesome for her, dancing with the big kids, and playing in the water.  I’m so glad a friend warned us to bring backup clothes due to the fountains!  She drank my tea & loved the gelato of course.  And after thinking someone around us had B.O. (seriously, why did it take so long for me to realize), we looked at each other and could hardly believe the stink was our KID.  A side-street change was in order, and we were headed home.  But after all the excitement & food she talked to herself in her crib until close to NINE.  We all had a blast though, and can’t wait to go back!

2015-07-15 17.54.54 HDR-1 2015-07-15 18.15.40 2015-07-15 18.31.47 HDR 2015-07-15 18.32.19 2015-07-15 18.41.39 HDR-1 2015-07-15 18.56.14 2015-07-15 18.57.32 HDR 2015-07-15 19.05.48-1 2015-07-15 19.06.10-1


Climbing Monkey

July 13, 2015 | The theme of this month is CLIMBING.  On everything your little body possibly can reach.  It began on a kitchen folding-chair, where you instantly stood up all proud of yourself (before I firmly said NO)!  Then it was all of the chairs/couches in the house.  The playgrounds around our house are getting more exciting for sure, but there’s one spot that is certainly your favorite;  my office chair!  Not sure if it’s the height, the fact that it has shiny-silver parts, or that it spins, but you simply can’t pass by that room without a stop on this chair.  We spin you around in it too (so we aren’t entirely without fault), but it’s just so funny watching you try to track the room with your eyes as you spin by!

I also wanted to note some of the words you’re saying right now; tickle, ball, dog, Dada, Moma, mow (as in mower), bubble, Elmo (sounds like MoMo), book, down/up, shoe and plenty more that I’ll add as they come to me.  Even if you can’t say several words, your knowledge of meaning blows me away all…the…time.  You love to RUN, wrestle, and explore pretty much on your own.  We are always behind you, but I don’t think you really notice/care until you NEED something. 🙂 This age is so much fun!

RH_Climb_0001 RH_Climb_0002 RH_Climb_0003 RH_Climb_0004 RH_Climb_0005 RH_Climb_0006 RH_Climb_0007 RH_Climb_0008

Cousin B’s 1st Birthday Party

July 11, 2015 | On a Saturday afternoon the family gathered to celebrate B’s first birthday, and it was so much fun!  Abbey decorated in red & black, Biscuit was walking around between everyone’s feet, and E was testing out all of his toys… 🙂  There was a little smash-cake decorated in red icing, so we KNEW this was going to be very messy!  But B wasn’t really into it much, and kinda cried through most of the cake stuff.  But I snapped a ton of images to catch the in-between-crying moments!  Happy Birthday Big B!

3O5A5754a 3O5A5766a 3O5A5784 3O5A5811a 3O5A5832a 3O5A5835a 3O5A5844a 3O5A5847a 3O5A5858a 3O5A5863a 3O5A5877a 3O5A5894a 3O5A5899a 3O5A5929a 3O5A5941a 3O5A5962a 3O5A5994a 3O5A6014aThen of course I asked the family members to jump outside to take a couple photos.  One of these days I will actually remember to have someone take a photo with ME in it!

3O5A6040a 3O5A6043a 3O5A6085a 3O5A6126a 3O5A6145a 3O5A6165a 3O5A6176a 3O5A6189a

Finally I wanted some images of B in his wagon, which I believe was the inspiration for the color-scheme?  He just wanted to stand-up in the wagon and look around…such a big guy now!

3O5A6213a 3O5A6241a 3O5A6268a

4th of July at the Lake

July 4th, 2015 | Lake trips are quite a bit different with a toddler in tow, but with the right planning it will all work out (despite the self-induced stress)… 🙂  We can only travel during naps/sleep, so Saturday morning we walked to Bux to get outdoors before we drove 2 hours to the lake at lunchtime.  Notice her own cup from Nanna & Grandpa that says “baby ducks” on it?  She was ready!

2015-07-04 09.32.01Once we arrived, there was a flurry of activity to get the Blue Water (speed boat) into the lake.  Dave was the only person around who had the trailer-skills, so I was on my own to meet the cousins down at the berm.  The water is SO high right now that parking was limited, and “beach” space was not abundant.  I tried to have her float on the usual side, but there were so many twigs/etc floating in the water that it kinda grossed me out.  Then I floated her over where the cousins were but it was so hard to get in and I couldn’t touch.  I decided that her lake-water-full diaper had had enough, and I would just get her dressed and go back to the house.  At that exact moment the boat arrived, and they wanted to take E for her first boat ride!  Dave was off with the 4-wheelers, but I really wanted her to go.  So no camera/phone since I had to lift her into the boat, we jumped on board! 2015-07-04 16.18.062015-07-04 16.18.43

2015-07-04 23.46.55

Thanks to Susan for this image of us, with the house in the background too! Despite the expression, she was “Ooooo” ing and saying Boat!

I was so set on E seeing fireworks this year…and the plan was to push past her bedtime and let the cousins light them at the house.  Well, she made it to almost nine and that was it.  So I set off a couple of small things plus a sparkler and then she went right to sleep, unimpressed… 🙂  Don’t mind the red stain on her shirt; a Sonic Cherry-Sprite gone bad!

2015-07-04 20.30.49-1 2015-07-04 20.32.41-1 2015-07-04 20.32.53-1

When the house is full, and everyone ELSE stays up really late, it’s pretty darn hard to keep her quiet when we are up early.  Dave had the great idea to take her back out in the boat just the three of us.  Again, loading everything up and driving to the marina is crazy for a short boat ride (when a long ride home is just around the corner), but when she’s having fun and smiling in the moment it’s all worth it!  She even almost fell asleep on the boat ride back, and we had the lake almost to ourselves.  What a fun weekend!

2015-07-05 09.49.20 HDR 2015-07-05 09.56.49 HDR-1 2015-07-05 10.09.19-1 2015-07-05 10.10.02 2015-07-05 10.11.15 2015-07-05 13.04.14 HDR-1

4th of July

July 3, 2015 | Our friends were planning on having a party (like we went to last year) but after a week of sick-kiddos it was cancelled.  Rather than spend the WHOLE weekend at the lake, we had my family over for a low-key bbq!  Well, low-key until I decided to put together a mini-photo session in the front yard.  I found the pallet in the trash, crocheted the bunting, and purchased the flag/stars from the discount bin at Michael’s!  I’m so glad these two don’t mind the camera!

RH_July4th_0001 RH_July4th_0002 RH_July4th_0003 RH_July4th_0004 RH_July4th_0005 RH_July4th_0006 RH_July4th_0007 RH_July4th_0008 RH_July4th_0009 RH_July4th_0010 RH_July4th_0011 RH_July4th_0012