Family Day

June 28, 2015 | After being away from E a lot this week thanks to the BBQ, we decided Sunday would just be a family day.  Of course that means we can’t just sit at the house…we have to get out and do ALL THE THINGS!  So we began at the farmstead again (yes she still loves it);

2015-06-28 09.30.18 2015-06-28 10.12.14

Afternoon was her nap time (where I may have napped the whole 2 hours as well), and the heat inspired a walk to the neighborhood pool.  She loves the stroller, AND the pool, and more than anything wants to swim with the big kids in the deep end.  Even standing on the side of the pool she will “jump” into my arms in the deep side.  Freaks me out AND makes me proud at the same time.  No fear in this girl!

2015-06-28 18.42.50

On the walk home, we cut through the backyard of our neighbors who happen to be outdoors eating dinner.  We chatted with them for awhile while their son/daughters played-with and entertained E the whole time.  It’s so awesome!  I think that Mr. I was really working on his comedy act…

2015-06-28 20.54.48

I am loving this age so much…and how much time we are spending out in our neighborhood.  Summer is pretty fun!

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