4th of July at the Lake

July 4th, 2015 | Lake trips are quite a bit different with a toddler in tow, but with the right planning it will all work out (despite the self-induced stress)… 🙂  We can only travel during naps/sleep, so Saturday morning we walked to Bux to get outdoors before we drove 2 hours to the lake at lunchtime.  Notice her own cup from Nanna & Grandpa that says “baby ducks” on it?  She was ready!

2015-07-04 09.32.01Once we arrived, there was a flurry of activity to get the Blue Water (speed boat) into the lake.  Dave was the only person around who had the trailer-skills, so I was on my own to meet the cousins down at the berm.  The water is SO high right now that parking was limited, and “beach” space was not abundant.  I tried to have her float on the usual side, but there were so many twigs/etc floating in the water that it kinda grossed me out.  Then I floated her over where the cousins were but it was so hard to get in and I couldn’t touch.  I decided that her lake-water-full diaper had had enough, and I would just get her dressed and go back to the house.  At that exact moment the boat arrived, and they wanted to take E for her first boat ride!  Dave was off with the 4-wheelers, but I really wanted her to go.  So no camera/phone since I had to lift her into the boat, we jumped on board! 2015-07-04 16.18.062015-07-04 16.18.43

2015-07-04 23.46.55

Thanks to Susan for this image of us, with the house in the background too! Despite the expression, she was “Ooooo” ing and saying Boat!

I was so set on E seeing fireworks this year…and the plan was to push past her bedtime and let the cousins light them at the house.  Well, she made it to almost nine and that was it.  So I set off a couple of small things plus a sparkler and then she went right to sleep, unimpressed… 🙂  Don’t mind the red stain on her shirt; a Sonic Cherry-Sprite gone bad!

2015-07-04 20.30.49-1 2015-07-04 20.32.41-1 2015-07-04 20.32.53-1

When the house is full, and everyone ELSE stays up really late, it’s pretty darn hard to keep her quiet when we are up early.  Dave had the great idea to take her back out in the boat just the three of us.  Again, loading everything up and driving to the marina is crazy for a short boat ride (when a long ride home is just around the corner), but when she’s having fun and smiling in the moment it’s all worth it!  She even almost fell asleep on the boat ride back, and we had the lake almost to ourselves.  What a fun weekend!

2015-07-05 09.49.20 HDR 2015-07-05 09.56.49 HDR-1 2015-07-05 10.09.19-1 2015-07-05 10.10.02 2015-07-05 10.11.15 2015-07-05 13.04.14 HDR-1

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