Card Shark

August 14, 2015 | On Fridays with Grandpa, I think he’s teaching her a few more things than how to read a book… 🙂  But hey, she’s learning colors and numbers right?

I also found a used table/chairs set that E adores.  I’m not sure if she’d prefer to sit/color or just move the chairs all around the room.  The PLAN was to sand/re-paint it white with some gold detail on the legs.  But after E colored all over it in 2-minutes flat, I think I’m going to wait on that idea.

RH_CardShark_0001 RH_CardShark_0002 RH_CardShark_0003 RH_CardShark_0004 RH_CardShark_0005 RH_CardShark_0006 RH_CardShark_0007

BFF Visit

August 7, 2015 | My best friend has moved all over the country while her husband was in the military, and now that he’s out they’ve settled into a home and plan to STAY THERE for awhile.  I’m so happy for her, and for ME since she’s a little bit closer than before! 🙂  Of course she had to make a quick visit back “home” with her kiddos, and our group always jumps on this opportunity to see one another.  We typically plan one event with kids, and one without.  The evening activity was just chatting around a kitchen table, and of course I forgot to take a group pic (perhaps it was the wine?)…and then later in the week we planned a massive play date with all of the kiddos.  J wasn’t able to make either one, so she threw together a last-minute brunch at her house (with kids) for Friday morning.  It’s so fun seeing all of our kiddos together…they span quite a few years, but they have a blast!  And we get to swap stories about our “battles” in motherhood…which is always good for the soul.  I don’t know what I would do without these friends.  They’ve known me since before high school!  That and they scared the crap out of me about the school-years…I feel so lucky that we have a great AND close school for E to attend!

RH_BFFVisit_0001 RH_BFFVisit_0002 RH_BFFVisit_0003 RH_BFFVisit_0004 RH_BFFVisit_0005 RH_BFFVisit_0006 RH_BFFVisit_0007 RH_BFFVisit_0008 RH_BFFVisit_0009 RH_BFFVisit_0010 RH_BFFVisit_0011CompositeRH_BFFVisit_0012RH_BFFVisit_0013RH_BFFVisit_0014RH_BFFVisit_0015RH_BFFVisit_0016RH_BFFVisit_0017RH_BFFVisit_0018RH_BFFVisit_0019RH_BFFVisit_0020RH_BFFVisit_0021RH_BFFVisit_0022RH_BFFVisit_0023RH_BFFVisit_0024RH_BFFVisit_0025RH_BFFVisit_0026RH_BFFVisit_0027RH_BFFVisit_0028RH_BFFVisit_0029RH_BFFVisit_0030RH_BFFVisit_0031

the A Lake House

July 31, 2015 | With the summer being as busy as it is, I’m so happy we were able to find a weekend to visit our friends at their new-ish lake house!  This is their second Summer there, and it’s just nice to getaway from home and chill a bit.  Lake time is a bit different with little ones, but since the E-girls are getting closer to 18-mo they interacted way more than last summer.  Our E has always been a bit of a “bruiser” but now I believe that more than ever!  A game of ball went a little crazy with our E throwing the ball full-force into their E’s head…many times.  But our E was all about giving “hugs” to their E, and it really was one of the cutest things ever.  I think both E girls feel swimming by a dock is OK…and there were some smiles, but they aren’t 100% into it.  Which I totally understand as I was a bit nervous too!  They are too small to really swim, but add life jackets and attempting to float…it was pretty funny.  Our E prefers a pool where she can walk around at this point.  But they both napped like champs which gave us some chill time.  L & I were sitting on the deck at one point; me with crochet, L with her book, and it was absolutely AWESOME.  We are so happy to spend time with friends, and see our kiddos have new experiences together…especially the naked-with-only-shoes-on time in the baby pool!

The E-girls highlights:

  • Water table & baby pool
  • Wearing life jackets when NOT swimming
  • Sitting in the deck chairs like big kids
  • Sitting in the LITTLE chairs (getting out, getting in, requesting the tray, getting out, etc)
  • First freezy-pops (our E made a mess, their E kept it super-clean)
  • Cleaning the living room extensively with wet wipes
  • Swapping sippy-cups
  • Reading all of the books
  • Shoes…on and off and on
  • Running in the most adorable way toddlers do… 🙂

And now, way too many photos

RH_ALake_0001 RH_ALake_0002 RH_ALake_0003 RH_ALake_0004 RH_ALake_0005 RH_ALake_0006 RH_ALake_0007 RH_ALake_0008 RH_ALake_0009 RH_ALake_0010 RH_ALake_0011 RH_ALake_0012 RH_ALake_0013 RH_ALake_0014 RH_ALake_0016 RH_ALake_0017 RH_ALake_0018 RH_ALake_0019 RH_ALake_0020 RH_ALake_0021 RH_ALake_0022 RH_ALake_0023 RH_ALake_0024 RH_ALake_0025 RH_ALake_0026 RH_ALake_0027

RH_ALake_0028 RH_ALake_0029 RH_ALake_0030 RH_ALake_0031 RH_ALake_0032 RH_ALake_0033 RH_ALake_0034 RH_ALake_0035 RH_ALake_0036

Free Concert

July 29, 2015 | After the great success of the free outdoor concert 2-weeks prior, we made plans to return on kids-night!  This time Grandpa and Nana met us there with dinner, and the weather cooperated perfectly.  There were two bands (kid-focused) and tons of dancing.  E even joined the big kids up front to rock those moves!  She played in the water, threw a football with at some kids, and ate more gelato than a toddler should… 🙂  It was so much fun!  I’m sad this was the last event of the Summer, but we’ll be back next year for sure.

Cell phone pics:
2015-07-29 19.44.01 2015-07-29 19.44.22-1

And “real” camera pics – D even caught a couple of ME!
RH_ParkPlace_0001 RH_ParkPlace_0002 RH_ParkPlace_0003 RH_ParkPlace_0004 RH_ParkPlace_0005 RH_ParkPlace_0006 RH_ParkPlace_0007 RH_ParkPlace_0008 RH_ParkPlace_0009 RH_ParkPlace_0010 RH_ParkPlace_0011