the ZOO!

August 29, 2015 | We finally scheduled a Saturday morning trip to the Zoo!  Thanks to Aunt Abbey we had a free family pass (a gift for E’s birthday) and it was so…much…fun. The weather was actually a little bit cool, and while there were some crowds in places it wasn’t terrible at all.  I was shocked how much E stayed in her stroller, and by how tired D and I were by the end.  It’s a LOT of walking/pushing to get all around that place, and we didn’t even see the whole place!  E also loved the statues, just about as much as the real animals.  We had tons of practice with ‘What does the <insert animal here> say?’ and she knows most of them.  Early on it became apparent that we had to say GOODBYE to all of the animals before we walked away.  If not, there were water-works.  Hot dogs, snacks, a carousel.  Note:  you CAN bring your own food inside.  So next time we go, we will not be reliant on the vendors for lunch.  For some reason E thinks the Virb is a phone?  Leaving the Zoo she had it up to her ear saying “Hello?” over and over.  No clue why!

IMG_1956a IMG_1959a IMG_1961a IMG_1969a IMG_1981a IMG_1987a IMG_1997a IMG_2007a IMG_2009a IMG_2016a IMG_2021a IMG_2040a IMG_2044a IMG_2047a IMG_2050a

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