Labor Day at the Lake

September 5, 2015 | Labor Day is traditionally spent at the lake, and this year there was a stand-up paddle-board waiting for me to get on!  For my birthday (and other holidays) Dave gifted me a beautiful and fun SUP.  We had it shipped directly to the lake because it’s 11’6″…and who can haul that easily on a 2-hour car trip?  Since we arrived at 3:45 PM Friday afternoon, E’s nap was complete and we could make our way down to the berm to try it out.  First we put it together at the house, and E practiced some yoga to make sure it was ready to go…

2015-09-04 16.13.07-1 2015-09-04 16.45.22 2015-09-04 17.17.32-1

Grandma taught E how to throw rocks into the lake, and we actually spent a good deal of time at the water.  E loves the water, but isn’t too keen on the life-jacket when someone is trying to hold her.  She even tried to jump off the paddle-board when she was sitting on it in the water.  BY HERSELF.  No fear from this child.  Well…almost.

Saturday morning D wanted to get the 4-wheelers started, and said we could take-turns riding while the other sat with E at the blue shed.  We brought along pull-puppy, and it took about .3 seconds before he was covered in spider webs from being drug through that shed.  Blech…& E couldn’t care less!  But as soon as those machines were started-up, FEAR.  Uncle B and cousin S met-up with D and did a little guys-ride together while E and I hung out trying to calm her nerves.  Poor kid!  Someday I think she’ll love them.

IMG_0867a IMG_0875a IMG_0880a IMG_0881a IMG_0883a IMG_0888a IMG_0894a IMG_0897a IMG_0898a IMG_0902a IMG_0905a IMG_0916aAnd E finally has her own family-tie-dye shirt…made by her cousin J in the photo below!  It was so sweet of her to think of E, and bring it along when she arrived Saturday night! Grandma was wearing hers, so we had to get a photo of all three as well.  Then 5 of the six siblings happen to be in one room, so a photo was NECESSARY!

IMG_0937a IMG_0941a IMG_0973a

MOST of the family arrived Saturday afternoon/evening, and we were leaving at E’s bedtime that night.  But it was good to see everyone even if it wasn’t as long as we’d like.  Such a great crew, tons of food, and D & I got to wake-board for the first time since before I was pregnant!  Let’s not talk about how sore we both are still (despite the run being super-short)… 🙂

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