the Sunflower Field

September 10, 2015 | When we announced our pregnancy, there was this “secret” place a bit of a drive away that I knew would be the perfect spot for photos.  Rolling fields of sunflowers as far as the eye could see…it is magical.  Last year E was too little to take out there, but I promised myself we would bring her in 2015.  Now that spot is literally all over social media, and for 1.5-2 weeks FB is nothing but images of people driving out to see the flowers at their peak.  Last week I had plans to photograph a client out there, so why not add my own family on top of that?  It was sunny and hot, we all had our cars packed with in-case-of-mud necessities, and changes of clothes.  I was a sweaty wreck, but the images are pretty darn fun.  I love them.  After the quick-session was complete, J had the idea we should all drive to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings.  The caravan made it half-way there, when we had a call from my sister that she was wary of the coming storm so they would bail.  The remaining 2 cars decided we were less than 10 minutes away now, so let’s just go.  The town was busy with college students, so sitting outside at Sonic won our business…totally lame, but oh well.  Dinner complete, we hit the road.  That’s when rain…and wind…and hail all decide to come to our party.  Enough that we had to pull off the highway and hide our cars under a bridge (along with 15 other drivers) and wait until there was some degree of visibility again.  CRAZY TOWN.  But…the pictures!! 🙂

RH_Sunflowers_0001 RH_Sunflowers_0002 RH_Sunflowers_0003 RH_Sunflowers_0004 RH_Sunflowers_0005 RH_Sunflowers_0006 RH_Sunflowers_0007 RH_Sunflowers_0008 RH_Sunflowers_0009 RH_Sunflowers_0010 RH_Sunflowers_0011 RH_Sunflowers_0012 RH_Sunflowers_0013 RH_Sunflowers_0014 RH_Sunflowers_0015 RH_Sunflowers_0016 RH_Sunflowers_0017 RH_Sunflowers_0018 RH_Sunflowers_0019 RH_Sunflowers_0020 RH_Sunflowers_0021 RH_Sunflowers_0022 RH_Sunflowers_0023

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