Pumpkin Patch 2015

October 10, 2015 | I adore fall, and all things pumpkin.  Naturally that means we had to plan a patch-day with the kiddos, and a NEW place opened not too far from our house this year!  Despite the $10 cover we were all pleasantly surprised to walk through the barn (which had all sorts of pumpkins, food, beverages, etc for sale) and see endless amounts of things for the kids to do.  Air-compressor pumpkin-shooting, ball/football toss, jumping pillow, tractor-ride (I think next year E can do this), sandbox, 6 play areas, 2 major slides, water-pumping-rubber-ducky-races, and more than I can’t even remember.  I crocheted a couple pumpkin-hats for the cousins, that they both WORE until we took them off.  Thank goodness the morning started cool because by the end we were all roasting-hot.  If it wasn’t for our hunger & nap-times, I think the kids could have spent all day there.  And we invited our friends J&J with their kids to join us too.  Some BBQ for lunch was a perfect ending…if only E had decided to nap that afternoon…

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Front Yard

October 6, 2015 | It’s been really warm/nice this Fall, in fact we’ve still been wearing lots of shorts and t-shirts.  And the weather works well since E is always begging to be outdoors. Walk by our front yard, and this is pretty much what you would see right now.  Bubbles, the slide, the mower (walking it all the way out of our cul-de-sac and to the field a block or two away), and pointing out birdies & airplanes in the sky.  And Mosby just loses it if you don’t let him join…so he gets to be there too!

3O5A8195a 3O5A8205a 3O5A8210a 3O5A8214a 3O5A8220a 3O5A8242a 3O5A8252a 3O5A8260a 3O5A8263a 3O5A8267a 3O5A8269a

the Cubby

October 4, 2015 | In our guest bedroom, in the closet, there is this super-cool/carpeted “cubby” that we knew our kids would play in someday.  Well I finally cleaned-out that closet so we could get to it, and it’s become quite a popular location for E.  If you even say the word, she goes running that direction with all of the light-up/blinky stuff I’ve purchased. And now there are even purple string-lights in there which are fun (when she isn’t trying to eat them)!

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2015-10-05 16.54.20-1 2015-10-05 16.56.03

Apple Picking!

October 3, 2015 | Fall means pumpkins, sweaters, and all sorts of events that I happen to LOVE.  Not to mention pumpkin spice everything! 🙂  This Saturday morning we decided to take E to her first Apple Orchard.  She’s wearing a sweater of MINE from my childhood, one of the only things we still have of my baby-clothes…and the most adorable boots ever. We tried to get an early start with Bux on the way, but we arrived about an hour after the orchard opened.  So it wasn’t crazy, but it was busy.  I wanted E to have her first hay ride too, and this one was pulled by a tractor and 100% enclosed.  Which is good for this little runner.  They pulled us about 50 yards and said “Everyone off!” — we laughed that we could have walked that distance easily in the time we waited for the ride!  And he may have announced which apples were which direction, but we couldn’t hear him.  Oh well, it’s all about letting E wander and explore anyways!  The apples were pretty picked at eye-level, so it’s a good thing D is so tall.  Next year we will definitely go sooner.  We had to constantly make sure E wasn’t eating apples off the ground, but she absolutely LOVED putting apples in her bag.  The line for cider-slushies/donuts when we returned was so long, we just packed-up and headed home.  E was still getting over her cold, but you’d never know it.  She adores getting out into the world!

Here are a couple cell photos (since I packed a zoom-lens, I couldn’t take close-up images on the hay ride with my SLR Camera):

2015-10-03 11.02.31 2015-10-03 11.03.31 2015-10-03 11.15.38-1And then the camera.  Such a big difference!  I need to break that out more often…

3O5A1757a 3O5A1788a 3O5A1806a 3O5A1828a 3O5A1830a 3O5A1856a 3O5A1868a 3O5A1877a 3O5A1882aI‘m so glad I saw a guy carrying a camera backpack…I immediately stopped him and asked for a family photo with my gear. 🙂

30th B-Day for L

September 26, 2015 | This day had been planned for weeks…months…and continued to get more an more epic with every e-mail we received from M.  He was going to put together an incredible day of fun for his pregnant wife, and he wanted all of her friends and family involved in different parts of the day.  PERFECT!  She started the day with a limo-ride to a prenatal massage (with her friends), followed by a lunch.  During that time, her house was being prepped for the evening by family.

IMG_0002a IMG_0005a IMG_0006a IMG_0011a

Then that same limo took her downtown with M to meet a different group of friends (us!) for a BreakoutKC afternoon!  She had no idea what was happening, or where we were going.  Despite having my camera, I only took two cell phone photos for that part…

2015-09-26 13.07.11 2015-09-26 15.31.10-1

After the breakout fun (& it was pretty darn awesome), the limo took us around to enjoy a cooler full of beer, Boone’s Farm, and kid-free time together.  It reminded me of our old “Day of Fun” days when we were mostly kid-less!

IMG_0028a IMG_0030a IMG_0032a IMG_0035a IMG_0036a IMG_0038a IMG_0042a

Finally we pulled up to their home, and there waiting was a whole crew of family/friends/kids/lights/food/music…everything you could want in a party.  M’s Mom had another surprise up her sleeve…IRISH DANCERS!  L has an awesome history of Irish Dancing in a variety of public places. 🙂

IMG_0046a IMG_0048a IMG_0072aIMG_0072IMG_0073a IMG_0074a IMG_0075a IMG_0078a

After looking at these images, I had to go pull a couple from 2009.  That’s the year L surprised M for HIS 30th birthday.  It’s so hard to believe that was so long ago already!



September 17, 2015 | Winfield is a many-year tradition for this crew of friends. It’s where one relationship began, & others grew closer, plus many a late-nights camping in either sweltering heat or bitter cold. You just never know what the 3rd weekend of September is going to bring each year! Typically our requirements for camping increase; more space, a full canopy, misc items hanging above the space. But this year was a little different, seeing as we were the smallest camping crew in a long time. I was also the only female.  But many things remained the same. It was a time to relax with friends, and enjoy Bluegrass music together. In our small, no-fuss campsite! E enjoyed several days with the grandparents & we had an awesome time.

2015-09-17 07.53.51-1 2015-09-17 13.48.08 2015-09-17 16.45.02 2015-09-17 17.51.40 2015-09-17 18.30.05 2015-09-17 18.35.37-1 2015-09-17 19.50.46 2015-09-17 20.40.36 2015-09-17 20.40.41 2015-09-17 22.25.14 2015-09-17 22.25.23 2015-09-18 11.01.27-1 2015-09-18 11.11.12 2015-09-18 11.12.56 2015-09-18 11.24.49 2015-09-18 11.24.54 2015-09-18 12.24.53 HDR 2015-09-18 15.00.46 2015-09-18 21.38.29 2015-09-19 00.15.29-1 2015-09-19 11.08.53 HDR-1 2015-09-19 13.14.43 HDR 2015-09-19 13.16.46 2015-09-19 14.06.10 2015-09-19 18.26.46 HDR-1 2015-09-19 19.41.07-1 2015-09-19 20.28.27 2015-09-19 21.49.59-1 2015-09-21 13.00.54

Oh, and I bought a mandolin at midnight, while watching a great band on Stage 7…