30th B-Day for L

September 26, 2015 | This day had been planned for weeks…months…and continued to get more an more epic with every e-mail we received from M.  He was going to put together an incredible day of fun for his pregnant wife, and he wanted all of her friends and family involved in different parts of the day.  PERFECT!  She started the day with a limo-ride to a prenatal massage (with her friends), followed by a lunch.  During that time, her house was being prepped for the evening by family.

IMG_0002a IMG_0005a IMG_0006a IMG_0011a

Then that same limo took her downtown with M to meet a different group of friends (us!) for a BreakoutKC afternoon!  She had no idea what was happening, or where we were going.  Despite having my camera, I only took two cell phone photos for that part…

2015-09-26 13.07.11 2015-09-26 15.31.10-1

After the breakout fun (& it was pretty darn awesome), the limo took us around to enjoy a cooler full of beer, Boone’s Farm, and kid-free time together.  It reminded me of our old “Day of Fun” days when we were mostly kid-less!

IMG_0028a IMG_0030a IMG_0032a IMG_0035a IMG_0036a IMG_0038a IMG_0042a

Finally we pulled up to their home, and there waiting was a whole crew of family/friends/kids/lights/food/music…everything you could want in a party.  M’s Mom had another surprise up her sleeve…IRISH DANCERS!  L has an awesome history of Irish Dancing in a variety of public places. 🙂

IMG_0046a IMG_0048a IMG_0072aIMG_0072IMG_0073a IMG_0074a IMG_0075a IMG_0078a

After looking at these images, I had to go pull a couple from 2009.  That’s the year L surprised M for HIS 30th birthday.  It’s so hard to believe that was so long ago already!


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