Pumpkin Patch 2015

October 10, 2015 | I adore fall, and all things pumpkin.  Naturally that means we had to plan a patch-day with the kiddos, and a NEW place opened not too far from our house this year!  Despite the $10 cover we were all pleasantly surprised to walk through the barn (which had all sorts of pumpkins, food, beverages, etc for sale) and see endless amounts of things for the kids to do.  Air-compressor pumpkin-shooting, ball/football toss, jumping pillow, tractor-ride (I think next year E can do this), sandbox, 6 play areas, 2 major slides, water-pumping-rubber-ducky-races, and more than I can’t even remember.  I crocheted a couple pumpkin-hats for the cousins, that they both WORE until we took them off.  Thank goodness the morning started cool because by the end we were all roasting-hot.  If it wasn’t for our hunger & nap-times, I think the kids could have spent all day there.  And we invited our friends J&J with their kids to join us too.  Some BBQ for lunch was a perfect ending…if only E had decided to nap that afternoon…

3O5A9296a 3O5A9302a 3O5A9309a 3O5A9314a 3O5A9325a 3O5A9338a 3O5A9353a 3O5A9362a 3O5A9372a 3O5A9390a 3O5A9400a 3O5A9418a 3O5A9431a 3O5A9467a 3O5A9474a 3O5A9478a 3O5A9480a 3O5A9486a 3O5A9490a 3O5A9513a 3O5A9531a 3O5A9547a 3O5A9573a 3O5A9592a 3O5A9617a 3O5A9631a 3O5A9645a 3O5A9650a 3O5A9660a 3O5A9662a

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