A Royal Parade

November 3, 2015 | What an incredible day, that almost didn’t happen for our crew.  I have to jot this all down while it’s still fresh, so let’s start at the beginning.  When your MLB baseball team wins the World Series (for the first time in 30 years) the city unites in a way I’ve never seen before.  The win happened late Sunday evening, and the plans for a parade were made for Tuesday at noon.  Schools & businesses all over the metro closed for the day, and reports were estimating a crowd of 250K people to attend the 2.3 mile parade and 2 PM rally.  D, sister and I decided to give the parade a shot, with a weak-plan of driving to the very northeast of the route and praying for a parking spot that wasn’t 2 miles away.  Either way, we knew we wanted to be at the start of the parade (near Sprint Center) and nowhere near Union Station (where the rally would be held after). As we were driving and seeing all of the crazy traffic, our hopes dimmed.  Is this nuts? Are we going to be sitting in our car for hours on end just to see 20-minutes of our Royals? Just as we were thinking about giving up, a client of mine texted that they had a great driving route (and were already in position at a barricade) and shared the password for access to a PRIVATE parking garage just blocks from the parade…yes, for real.  I turned the car around to take their suggested route and we were on our way.  We avoided almost all of the major traffic, parked pretty quickly, and walked to a perfect front-spot to view the parade.  Aside from a woman trying to save a huge chunk of space with 5 CAMP CHAIRS (c’mon lady) everyone was so friendly & nice.  The turnout ended up being closer to 800K people, and we were so happy that we got out of there before the rally.  Driving by Union Station on the highway we saw cars parked on bridges, in medians, and any spec of grass that could be found.  A quick stop at KS Sampler on the way home for D’s new hat and my new shirt, and we were home in time to see the rally on TV!  So incredible, and I couldn’t be more thankful for my client’s phone call…GO ROYALS!

RP_RoyalParade_0001 RP_RoyalParade_0002 RP_RoyalParade_0003 RP_RoyalParade_0004 RP_RoyalParade_0005 RP_RoyalParade_0006 RP_RoyalParade_0007 RP_RoyalParade_0008 RP_RoyalParade_0009 RP_RoyalParade_0010 RP_RoyalParade_0011 RP_RoyalParade_0012 RP_RoyalParade_0013 RP_RoyalParade_0014 RP_RoyalParade_0015 RP_RoyalParade_0016 RP_RoyalParade_0017 RP_RoyalParade_0018 RP_RoyalParade_0019 RP_RoyalParade_0020 RP_RoyalParade_0021 RP_RoyalParade_0022 RP_RoyalParade_0023 RP_RoyalParade_0024 RP_RoyalParade_0025 RP_RoyalParade_0026 RP_RoyalParade_0027 RP_RoyalParade_0028 RP_RoyalParade_0029 RP_RoyalParade_0030 RP_RoyalParade_0031 RP_RoyalParade_0032 RP_RoyalParade_0033 RP_RoyalParade_0034 RP_RoyalParade_0035 RP_RoyalParade_0036 RP_RoyalParade_0037 RP_RoyalParade_0038 RP_RoyalParade_0039 RP_RoyalParade_0040 RP_RoyalParade_0041 RP_RoyalParade_0042 RP_RoyalParade_0043 RP_RoyalParade_0044 RP_RoyalParade_0045 RP_RoyalParade_0046

And I had to snag one photo from the KC Star’s website of what Union Station looked like…unbelievable!!  That fountain turned on at some point, soaking all those camped out there…


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