Enchanted Forest

October 22, 2015 | When there’s a free event in the metro, I guess we need to plan on MASSES of people attending.  But I digress…a free Enchanted Forest to celebrate Halloween for kiddos was taking place on a Thursday night, and we thought it would be a lot of fun to check it out!  We were supposed to meet our niece & her family, but baby C just wasn’t cooperating for her.  Those 3-month olds are so high-maintenance! 🙂  So E & B had a cousin-night of exploring the various booths/activities that were setup.  To say it was crowded wouldn’t do justice.  I’m so glad our kids were too little to realize that we were skipping the hayride, not-so-scary haunted house, and bounce houses.  But we did wait in the fairly short line to take photos of the kids with the light-up scene.  Thank goodness for the glow-wands I brought…I think with E’s affinity for RUNNING we might have lost her without it!  Now for the crap-tastic photos I took…

RP_EnchForest_0001 RP_EnchForest_0002 RP_EnchForest_0003 RP_EnchForest_0004 RP_EnchForest_0005 RP_EnchForest_0006 RP_EnchForest_0007 RP_EnchForest_0008 RP_EnchForest_0009 RP_EnchForest_0010

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