October 31, 2015 | I did buy a consignment costume (a bunny) to have just in case, but since I made a costume for E last year I kinda wanted to TRY and do it again for her 2nd Halloween.  I found a photo on Pinterest, and felt I could give it a shot.  A little cupcake!  I chose my own color scheme, and made it a bit smaller/easier for her to wear than the one online.  She didn’t love it during the measuring and testing, but for some reason the day-of she rocked it!  That day the city was all buzzing about the Royals being in the World Series, and there was a game to watch that night.  Nanna stopped by to give E her second-annual Halloween Book (“Where’s Baby’s Pumpkin”), then we were off for all sorts of crazy that evening.  We leave the house and head to Susan’s house to grab D’s hat, and ended up staying a little bit to see family.  There was so much there for E to see & do, she didn’t want to leave!  After a quick Jimmy John’s stop we went to our friends’ neighborhood for their street-closing shindig.  It was awesome!  Tons of kids, no worries about cars, and our friends pulled out all the stops to decorate their front yard (with a projector to watch the game too).  We weren’t sure if E would understand trick-or-treating, but she got the hang of walking up to each of the doors and holding her bucket out.  If only we could train her NOT to walk into each persons’ home… 🙂  And her BFF E was there as well, and they were just so darn CUTE together.  L says her E appears more independent around our E…I think they just enjoy one another so much.  They have these stare-offs too…plus they posed together for a few pics just before the sun went down.  We also have a few images with our old point-and-shoot, which is handy at night for a FLASH.  It was past bedtime, but we also stopped at JD’s house for his watch party.  That’s where we changed E into her PJs after she played with their dog/cat…and I think she was in bed at 9:45 PM.  LATE!  But that meant she transitioned to the daylight savings “fall back” like a champ… 🙂

3O5A4498a 3O5A4513a 3O5A4517a 3O5A4521a 3O5A4523a 3O5A4525a 3O5A4529a 3O5A4538a3O5A4542a3O5A4550a
3O5A4545a 3O5A4548a 3O5A4556a 3O5A4566a 3O5A4567a 3O5A4577a 3O5A4582a 3O5A4588a 3O5A4593a 3O5A4596a 3O5A4599a 3O5A4601a 3O5A4603a 3O5A4606a 3O5A4609a

IMG_0436 IMG_0441 IMG_0443 IMG_0446

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