R & O Turn ONE!

October 24, 2015 | Remember when I said 2014 was the year of babies?  Well the twins are already ONE year old, and there was an excellent party to celebrate.  K had the creative idea to have a Lumberjack party that was BYOF (Bring Your Own Flannel) and it was total perfection!  I had the idea to crochet the boys Lumberjack hats, complete with beards.  But like all things, totally underestimated the time to do that and ended up late to the party (and furiously finishing them in the car on their street).  Oh well, it was totally worth it!  The boys received a bounce-house that our E was LOVING.  But her friend E?  Not at all.  Don’t even TRY to put her in there…she was not having it.  At least E brought her all of the bounce-house-balls from inside though!  It was a really fun party, ending with the boys doing a little “game” where you see what their future will be by placing 4 items in front of them.  Crazy enough they both went for the mirror first, then the shot glass!

RP_PTwins1_0001 RP_PTwins1_0002 RP_PTwins1_0003 RP_PTwins1_0004 RP_PTwins1_0006 RP_PTwins1_0008 RP_PTwins1_0009 RP_PTwins1_0010 RP_PTwins1_0011 RP_PTwins1_0012 RP_PTwins1_0013 RP_PTwins1_0016 RP_PTwins1_0019 RP_PTwins1_0021 RP_PTwins1_0022 RP_PTwins1_0024 RP_PTwins1_0029 RP_PTwins1_0030 RP_PTwins1_0031 RP_PTwins1_0032 RP_PTwins1_0033 RP_PTwins1_0034 RP_PTwins1_0036 RP_PTwins1_0038

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