21-Month Update

November 18, 2015 | Next week is Thanksgiving, which means that the Holidays are going to fly by shortly after.  E is changing at lighting-speed, so I wanted to document a few of the things she’s doing right now.
In no particular order, just off the top of my head;

  • When you go into her room to wake her, whoever goes in there she immediately asks for the OTHER person.  Or Mosby (Moe-EEE)
  • If you ask her to count something, she says “Two, three”
  • Colors are getting there as well.  While she often says Blue first (like an automatic response), she will then say the correct color.  The consistent ones are Blue, Yellow, Green and especially Purple.  She things Pink is Purple too, and mixes up Orange & Red a bit, but I’m so proud of her.
  • Books are still a favorite!  It’s Pumpkin Day Mouse and Where is Baby’s Pumpkin are top picks right now, mostly because they are new.  She still loves the EAT book, Baby’s on the Bus, & Giraffe’s Can’t Dance (“Monkey CHA-CHA!” E on that particular page)
  • Eating has always been a strong category, & for the most part she still eats most of what we do.  Some random nights she wants hardly anything, but we can always count on Yogurt and Turkey. We are already negotiating one-more-bite in exchange for a cookie.  She loves cookies…duh
  • Nighttime routine is still pretty much the same, and even with the time-change (falling-back) she adjusted just fine.  D still does bedtime, which is at 8 PM with a cup of milk and a few books.  We know that a big-kid bed is coming soon, but if she isn’t climbing out of the crib we aren’t going to rush it!
  • Language is growing, and she loves to walk around and say all of the things she sees + knows the words to.  It would be impossible to list all of them now, but there have been a few 2-word phrases coming out as well which is so cool.  “Milk all-done” was the first.
  • Stickers are a good way to get her to quietly sit in your lap for a good 10 minutes.  I’ve found lots in the dollar-bin or at Dollar General. She points at the one she wants, you pull it from the sheet and give it to her, then she stacks them all on top of one another in her little notepad. 🙂
  • Elmo is still a top toy, and when she’s REALLY crazy running around the house we will let her watch an episode of Elmo’s World.  Anytime he isn’t on screen she says “Elmo!” over and over until he’s back. It’s true love people!

I think that’s about all for now.  Although we have been home bound and sick for the last several weeks (adults with a cough, her HF&M) she’s a blast.  But I can tell she wants out of the house as much as we do.  We are finally turning a corner, and I cannot wait for her to see the Christmas Tree up soon!  And then pull it all apart…

Images taken back in September; I love them!


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