November 16, 2015 | What?  You’re saying there’s hope?!?  I had to write this down while it was fresh, because it was pretty awesome.  We’ve always known that E is pretty rough-&-tumble (which a total cliche term, but it works), and worried that empathy just wasn’t a part of her brain. But on this particular day, a Monday which means she was home with me, we were playing in the basement.  After going over colors, and stacking blocks, I made a pretty tall tower from her blocks.  She immediately came over and kicked it all down as fast as possible.  I looked at her and made a super-sad face, even “cried” a little just to see what she would do. Imagine my shock when she gathered as many blocks as she could carry and brought them to me.  After placing them in my lap, she gave me a hug and looked at my face shouting “HAPPY!!”  Yes, there is a little bit of caring in there!

2015-11-16 08.30.39-1

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