SPC Christmas Dinner

December 12, 2015 | I don’t recall how many years this has been happening, but I do know it looks VERY different than it used to.  So many kids!  While E is the youngest by far, she manages to hold her own (for the most part).  R & S host, and they are expecting their first baby in February.  They make the main dish and everyone else is responsible for sides and adult beverages.  So once the kiddos were setup with a Christmas-craft, the adults gathered for the “Favorite Things” exchange.  We had a $10 budget to bring something we loved, and the rules were setup just like a White Elephant.  It was fun, and interesting to see what things people enjoy the most.  Lots of wine… 🙂  Ultimately WE had to end all of the stealing because it was past E’s bedtime and she was starting to lose it. The first images are of the kids looking at vintage-mechanical-Santa…who sang and danced (& Dave unplugged by the end of the night)… #scrooge

RP_SPC-Xmas15_0001 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0002 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0003 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0004 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0005 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0006 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0007 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0008 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0009 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0010 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0011 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0012 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0013 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0014 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0015 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0016 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0017 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0018 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0019 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0020 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0021 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0022 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0023 RP_SPC-Xmas15_0024

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