Moms Getaway

December 29, 2015 | It is a very rare thing for A) all of the college roommates to be in the same city, B) for us to have time to hang out sans kiddos, and C) enjoy a couple of overnights together with no responsibility.  To say it was heaven would be a drastic understatement.  There were of course various hurdles (mostly with my poor BFF, who drove into town solo with all three of her kids from Louisiana, only to have her Dad fall ill/be admitted to the hospital and remove her only source of babysitting).  But it all did come together the best way it could, and I am so grateful.  These girls are so important to me, and having time to both reminisce and talk about the future (S is moving with her husband + two toddler boys to Kenya) just renews me!  We were so busy that I barely took any photos…but the couple I did capture/force a stranger to take are enough to take me right back to our mini-staycation. 🙂

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December 28, 2015 | This was one of those silly little things that I was SURE to write down when it happened.  I actually sent myself an e-mail with the subject line “E pretended to be a cat”.  Her imagination is just so…much…fun.  The kitchen has been hilarious as she ‘cuts’ the fruit and prepares D and I endless amount of eggs.  But we were at home and she was in the guest bathroom crawling around on the floor.  Meowing.  I even asked “Are you a kitty!?” and she said “YES!” and continued to meow!

Now for the totally unrelated photos…

2015-12-28 10.43.26 2015-12-28 11.02.46

Christmas Day

December 25, 2015 | Christmas morning was just us three, and began with E coming downstairs to see her “new” play kitchen!  I don’t think anything else existed from that moment, because she got right to work…

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But we had to tear her away for church, where we met my parents for the service.  E is a little difficult at this age to sit still/quiet for an hour, but it’s important that she know WHY we celebrate Christmas, right?  And mass wasn’t even that busy…we arrived 15-mins early and walked right in to seats.  I’m guessing most people don’t want to attend the Christmas early-morning service… 🙂  But once we returned home, it was back to the kitchen!

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That night our house was going to be filled to the BRIM with D’s side of the family. Cousins all over, a while elephant gift exchange, and more food than should be allowed in one space.  It’s crazy and I really do love it.  At one point E just laid down on the floor…I think she was exhausted from all of the hoopla, but not ready to actually LEAVE.  She must have known that a Squatty-Potty was one of the gifts, and that she was going to treat it like her own toy!  To the point of loudly crying when Joe tried to “steal” it from me…

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Grandma was staying with us, so the next morning E had a little extra playtime.  Telling her exactly where to “SIT!” all the time.  It is so obvious that she adores Grandma!


Christmas Eve

December 24, 2015 | We decided to celebrate with my side of the family on Christmas Eve this year, to avoid splitting the day.  I believe we arrived to my parents’ home around 10 AM or so, lugging all sorts of gifts/food/wine/etc.  E always runs right in and starts pulling out the toys, and this year my Dad had a couple of blinky noses.  They were a HIT 🙂

3O5A6122a 3O5A6124aI had to step out for a couple of hours (Elves of Christmas) but once I returned the kiddos were just waking from their nap to start the party.  I’m not sure what made Bryce mad, but that face is just awesome…so we knew we had to open some gifts!



3O5A6309a 3O5A6325a 3O5A6360aAfter WAY too many gifts, we all decided that this was the last year that we are going to exchange for the adults.  The kids can be the focus, and everyone is good with that!  I also continued last years’ tradition of buying the cousins matching PJs.  Which isn’t easy when you consider they must be cute, non-gender-specific, etc!  But I’m so glad I did, because this sweetness just makes my heart want to burst!
3O5A6391a 3O5A6433a 3O5A6455a 3O5A6466a 3O5A6492a 3O5A6569a

I love the holidays, and the littles sure have made it even better than ever!


December 18, 2015 | While the whole Star Wars thing is getting a bit crazy in the commercial world, it is still something that I know D loves & associates with his childhood. So I’ve always like to incorporate fun things for E that include characters, etc.  It started with the books (Star Wars ABC & 123, Vaders Little Princess, etc)…but with the NEW movie coming out I noticed a little character that was just so unique and adorable.  It’s BB8!  I’m mildly obsessed with him, and when I came across this shirt in the boys’ section of a store, I knew E had to have it.  It didn’t hurt to add some pig-tails and her black coat!

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Name Game

December 13, 2015 | For the past couple of months, E has been playing this fun game with us mainly at the dinner table. She says either “Momma” or “Dadda”, and you repeat her name back to her.  Then she chooses to say one of our names back, so we are pin-balling around the table.  We tried it at Thanksgiving with a much bigger table than usual, and after several names had been called she tried to add Rupert to the game.  The timing was awesome… 🙂  D and I were so amazed when this began, and now it’s so much fun to see that sneaky-smile when she wants to start playing!

2015-12-18 08.15.52