Christmas Day

December 25, 2015 | Christmas morning was just us three, and began with E coming downstairs to see her “new” play kitchen!  I don’t think anything else existed from that moment, because she got right to work…

3O5A6583a 3O5A6587a 3O5A6595a

But we had to tear her away for church, where we met my parents for the service.  E is a little difficult at this age to sit still/quiet for an hour, but it’s important that she know WHY we celebrate Christmas, right?  And mass wasn’t even that busy…we arrived 15-mins early and walked right in to seats.  I’m guessing most people don’t want to attend the Christmas early-morning service… 🙂  But once we returned home, it was back to the kitchen!

3O5A6607a 3O5A6616a 3O5A6623a 3O5A6637a 3O5A6648a 3O5A6653a


That night our house was going to be filled to the BRIM with D’s side of the family. Cousins all over, a while elephant gift exchange, and more food than should be allowed in one space.  It’s crazy and I really do love it.  At one point E just laid down on the floor…I think she was exhausted from all of the hoopla, but not ready to actually LEAVE.  She must have known that a Squatty-Potty was one of the gifts, and that she was going to treat it like her own toy!  To the point of loudly crying when Joe tried to “steal” it from me…

3O5A6699a 3O5A6713a 3O5A6726a 3O5A6731a 3O5A6732a 3O5A6736a 3O5A6739a 3O5A6741a 3O5A6743a 3O5A6745a 3O5A6750a 3O5A6751a 3O5A6759a

Grandma was staying with us, so the next morning E had a little extra playtime.  Telling her exactly where to “SIT!” all the time.  It is so obvious that she adores Grandma!


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