Christmas Eve

December 24, 2015 | We decided to celebrate with my side of the family on Christmas Eve this year, to avoid splitting the day.  I believe we arrived to my parents’ home around 10 AM or so, lugging all sorts of gifts/food/wine/etc.  E always runs right in and starts pulling out the toys, and this year my Dad had a couple of blinky noses.  They were a HIT 🙂

3O5A6122a 3O5A6124aI had to step out for a couple of hours (Elves of Christmas) but once I returned the kiddos were just waking from their nap to start the party.  I’m not sure what made Bryce mad, but that face is just awesome…so we knew we had to open some gifts!



3O5A6309a 3O5A6325a 3O5A6360aAfter WAY too many gifts, we all decided that this was the last year that we are going to exchange for the adults.  The kids can be the focus, and everyone is good with that!  I also continued last years’ tradition of buying the cousins matching PJs.  Which isn’t easy when you consider they must be cute, non-gender-specific, etc!  But I’m so glad I did, because this sweetness just makes my heart want to burst!
3O5A6391a 3O5A6433a 3O5A6455a 3O5A6466a 3O5A6492a 3O5A6569a

I love the holidays, and the littles sure have made it even better than ever!

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