Sea Life Aquarium

February 12, 2016 | While some of our best friends still have maternity leave left, they made some plans to take E to the local aquarium…and since I have E on Mondays/Fridays-when-needed, D took the morning off so we could all go together!  We thought we would avoid the crowds, but school was out.  But getting there early certainly helped, and the E-girls had an awesome time.  Baby N slept the whole time in a swaddle, and barely made a peep!  I somehow FORGOT my camera…grrr.  Dark images are hell with a phone, but oh well.  I guess that just means I don’t have to edit anything!

2016-02-12 10.00.31

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After the aquarium and playground, we were all starving so we walked across the street for Spin Pizza.  It was a mad house, but they have a history of being speedy so I grabbed a table, L fed baby N, and the Dads got in line to order our food.  It took FOREVER, so after a pouch & some fruit snacks the girls were getting a bit bored in their high chairs.  M couldn’t drink his beer in the open area, but the food took long enough to negate that problem.  Food was distributed, then E knocked her mac-n-cheese into M’s backpack.  As in direct-hit, noodles everywhere.  Our E knocked their E’s sippy cup off the table multiple times (her food too), then D tried to help THEIR E by wiping her nose and knocked over L’s diet coke.  Baby N started fussing, so it really went downhill quickly.  D left for his Dentist appointment, leaving the three of us to gather all of the stuff together and get back to the car…where L stepped in someones PUKE before realizing it and getting into her new car.  Our E was fussy the whole way home, then fought me for over an hour to take a damn nap.  Seriously.  I was texting with L, and she said it perfectly:

“Worst day of fun EVER!”  🙂  In order to have all that fun, I guess we have to have the crazy!

I snapped a few images with the sad camera sitting on the entryway table…just to make myself feel better.  This is before I knew the battle that was in my future.  And I hear the door rattling now, so nap time is over!

IMG_0877a IMG_0882a IMG_0904a IMG_0908a IMG_0914a

Cardboard Box

February 10, 2016 | When our new king headboard arrived, I just had a hunch that the box would be a huge hit.  We opened it up in the kitchen & let E go crazy with her colored pencils!  She can open & close the box (sometimes on D or I), we all take turns drawing, and she can spend a good amount of time occupied with it!  Since I’ve been slacking on the photos, I took this day to try shooting with very little light.  Also with the light moving a bit different across her face (which I tend to prefer in b&w).  Some of my favorites are the first ones showing one boot on, and one boot off.

The boots have been a HUGE source of happiness and frustration for E lately.  She wants the zipper open so she can put them on and take them off by herself…and will do this for a ridiculous amount of time.  If we put socks on her, she wants them OFF before she puts on the boots.  It’s reached the point that when I take her anywhere in the car I make sure her socks are off, and the boots are unzipped so she can happily play in the backseat.  Ridiculous right?  But it avoids the tantrum so… 🙂

IMG_0733a IMG_0739a IMG_0744a IMG_0754a IMG_0779a IMG_0840a IMG_0841a IMG_0857a IMG_0862a IMG_0864a

First Yoga Class

February 6, 2016 | Just over a year ago, I started taking yoga classes near our house via a Groupon.  Jump forward to today, and let’s just say I’m still IN LOVE with it.  MWF I attend a Vinyasa class that challenges my body while quieting my mind.  Perfect!  So when Annie let me know that there was a 30-minute toddler class for just $5, I knew I wanted E to try it.  After all, it’s cold outside so we are looking for anything fun to do inside! I was that Mom who had her camera, and D watched from the sidelines.  After the class was over, I love how different D and I thought the experience was.  He thought she didn’t do all that much, but I thought she did really well for her age!  I think she listened to half of the instructions?  If that?  Crazy…but it gave me a little glimpse of watching her participate in group activities.  Adorable to say the least!

IMG_0673a IMG_0680a IMG_0684a IMG_0687a IMG_0699a IMG_0706a IMG_0708a IMG_0727a IMG_0728a

Family Night

February 3, 2016 | While D stayed home to finish painting our bedroom, I took E over to my sisters house to spend time with her cousin and grandparents.  A’s house is just perfect for toddlers, since they can only remain in the main area where we can always see them!  The cousins are getting better at taking turns in the toy car, and sharing.  Phew!

IMG_0657a IMG_0659a IMG_0661a IMG_0666a IMG_0669a IMG_0671a

V-Day Mini-Session

January 23, 2016 | Last year we signed up for a mini-session for Valentine’s Day with Leigh, and I loved it so much I was first on the list this round.  She had this gorgeous floral background, and it’s a 15-minute quick-session that is perfect for me.  Leigh had me jump in there for a couple images (which I was NOT planning on at all, hence the no-make-up) but I’m glad that I did.  And E was thrilled with the “reward” of playing with Captain the cat. He’s more like a dog than any cat I’ve ever met, which works well with a toddler! 🙂

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