First Yoga Class

February 6, 2016 | Just over a year ago, I started taking yoga classes near our house via a Groupon.  Jump forward to today, and let’s just say I’m still IN LOVE with it.  MWF I attend a Vinyasa class that challenges my body while quieting my mind.  Perfect!  So when Annie let me know that there was a 30-minute toddler class for just $5, I knew I wanted E to try it.  After all, it’s cold outside so we are looking for anything fun to do inside! I was that Mom who had her camera, and D watched from the sidelines.  After the class was over, I love how different D and I thought the experience was.  He thought she didn’t do all that much, but I thought she did really well for her age!  I think she listened to half of the instructions?  If that?  Crazy…but it gave me a little glimpse of watching her participate in group activities.  Adorable to say the least!

IMG_0673a IMG_0680a IMG_0684a IMG_0687a IMG_0699a IMG_0706a IMG_0708a IMG_0727a IMG_0728a

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