Messy Messy

January 2, 2016 | While the transition to the toddler bed has been overall good, there are some not-so-good things that have happened along the way.  For example, we had to get locks on all of her dresser drawers, and occasionally we forget to close one.  When that happens, here’s the result

IMG_0349a IMG_0355a IMG_0359a

IMG_0345a IMG_0352a

So after finding this, and picking it ALL up, it was play time.  First we journey into our room where the Beanie Babies are.  Always a good pit-stop to retain 10-15 minutes of attention!

IMG_0384a IMG_0390a IMG_0394a IMG_0412a

Her very first time using an SLR digital camera (my Canon 6D). It’s a nice still-life… 🙂  And what better way to get some energy out than bed-jumping?

IMG_0467a IMG_0469a

IMG_0466a IMG_0484a IMG_0486a IMG_0500a IMG_0503a IMG_0517a

Every time I go through images on my camera, I get mad at myself for not breaking it out more often than my iPhone.  I could never get these images with my phone!

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