Sea Life Aquarium

February 12, 2016 | While some of our best friends still have maternity leave left, they made some plans to take E to the local aquarium…and since I have E on Mondays/Fridays-when-needed, D took the morning off so we could all go together!  We thought we would avoid the crowds, but school was out.  But getting there early certainly helped, and the E-girls had an awesome time.  Baby N slept the whole time in a swaddle, and barely made a peep!  I somehow FORGOT my camera…grrr.  Dark images are hell with a phone, but oh well.  I guess that just means I don’t have to edit anything!

2016-02-12 10.00.31

2016-02-12 10.16.03 2016-02-12 10.35.18-1 2016-02-12 10.55.08 2016-02-12 10.55.19 2016-02-12 10.56.10 2016-02-12 10.57.12 2016-02-12 11.04.06 2016-02-12 11.07.23 2016-02-12 11.07.35 2016-02-12 11.08.31 2016-02-12 11.10.46 2016-02-12 11.17.45 2016-02-12 11.35.41-1

After the aquarium and playground, we were all starving so we walked across the street for Spin Pizza.  It was a mad house, but they have a history of being speedy so I grabbed a table, L fed baby N, and the Dads got in line to order our food.  It took FOREVER, so after a pouch & some fruit snacks the girls were getting a bit bored in their high chairs.  M couldn’t drink his beer in the open area, but the food took long enough to negate that problem.  Food was distributed, then E knocked her mac-n-cheese into M’s backpack.  As in direct-hit, noodles everywhere.  Our E knocked their E’s sippy cup off the table multiple times (her food too), then D tried to help THEIR E by wiping her nose and knocked over L’s diet coke.  Baby N started fussing, so it really went downhill quickly.  D left for his Dentist appointment, leaving the three of us to gather all of the stuff together and get back to the car…where L stepped in someones PUKE before realizing it and getting into her new car.  Our E was fussy the whole way home, then fought me for over an hour to take a damn nap.  Seriously.  I was texting with L, and she said it perfectly:

“Worst day of fun EVER!”  🙂  In order to have all that fun, I guess we have to have the crazy!

I snapped a few images with the sad camera sitting on the entryway table…just to make myself feel better.  This is before I knew the battle that was in my future.  And I hear the door rattling now, so nap time is over!

IMG_0877a IMG_0882a IMG_0904a IMG_0908a IMG_0914a

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