Post-Party Play

February 20, 2016 | After the party festivities E crashed for a much needed nap.  I’m trying to remember if D and I napped too?  There’s a good possibility that happened… 🙂  When she woke her first words were “Choo choo tains!”  The train set was something that was supposed to be for Christmas, but when she seemed so happy to have the few gifts that were opened we just put them aside and saved them for Birthday instead.  It was hard for me to put the train set away, because I KNEW how much she would love it!  But it was still a great success.  You can see her mouth forming the word “choo choo” in a couple of these images.  And Mosby just chillin’ in the background…

RP_2ndBDay_0049 RP_2ndBDay_0050 RP_2ndBDay_0051 RP_2ndBDay_0052 RP_2ndBDay_0053 RP_2ndBDay_0054 RP_2ndBDay_0055 RP_2ndBDay_0056

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