Kegs & Eggs

March 26, 2016 | I was so excited when we received an e-mail from Lauren that they were hosting a “kegs & eggs” hunt for all of the kiddos.  There would be beverages for the adults and over 300 eggs for the big & little kids to find!  The weather was predicting rain, but nobody minded so we got dressed in the morning and prepared to hunt.  I pulled together a warmer-outfit from the closet, and adored it on E.  I asked if she wanted one, or two piggies and she excitedly says “Two piggies!” 🙂

IMG_2070a IMG_2078a IMG_2086a IMG_2096a

After she was sure OUR yard didn’t have any eggs, we drove to our friends’ house to start the fun.  Lauren did an AMAZING job putting this together.  There was a yogurt bar, bagels, sausage, Mimosas, and plenty of beer.  The little kids were set to find the purple & orange eggs, while the bigger kiddos found other colors that were assigned point-values. Including nine golden eggs worth big bucks!  Sadly Georgia & Greenlee didn’t make it to the first annual hunt, but Caiden and Lincoln took the job very serious!

RP_KegsEggs_0001 RP_KegsEggs_0002 RP_KegsEggs_0003 RP_KegsEggs_0004 RP_KegsEggs_0005 RP_KegsEggs_0006 RP_KegsEggs_0007 RP_KegsEggs_0008 RP_KegsEggs_0009 RP_KegsEggs_0010 RP_KegsEggs_0011 RP_KegsEggs_0012 RP_KegsEggs_0013 RP_KegsEggs_0014 RP_KegsEggs_0015 RP_KegsEggs_0016 RP_KegsEggs_0017 RP_KegsEggs_0018 RP_KegsEggs_0019 RP_KegsEggs_0020 RP_KegsEggs_0021 RP_KegsEggs_0022 RP_KegsEggs_0023 RP_KegsEggs_0024 RP_KegsEggs_0025 RP_KegsEggs_0026 RP_KegsEggs_0027

Once all the eggs were collected, we made our way indoors to escape the cold rain.  The brothers were ready to do some math to determine the winner, and the adults attempted to actually have conversation with toddlers running around.  HA!  We left the E-girls alone together, and upon the first peek-in things looked totally happy and chill…

RP_KegsEggs_0028 RP_KegsEggs_0029 RP_KegsEggs_0030

So we returned to our friends and I managed to snag a few pics of Nat…who is such a sweet & laid-back baby!  Then I heard lots of loud giggles coming from down the hall.  My sister wanted to peek in first, so I just watched her face expecting to see a big smile.  But the look of shock let me know something wasn’t right…and our E was literally dumping water all over her BFF and the floor.  Then sliding in it…and laughing the entire time.  Both of them were.  Our child is the worst influence!


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