Swimming Lessons

March 21, 2016 | When your kid has a totally fearless disposition, and you spend lots of time near bodies of water, there’s no choice but to start swimming lessons.  Our local Community Center offered a 4-week/8 30-min class program for just $50, so I thought I’d give it a whirl!  The first class had a sub, and we mostly just sang a lot of songs.  I wasn’t too impressed.  But two days later the real teacher was there and it was really nice.  Teaching them to be comfy being on their backs (head on my shoulder) and focusing on kicking a ball in the middle was awesome.  And having the toddlers reach out for a toy to emphasize stretching out their limbs to swim.  When class is over we have 30 additional minutes to use the pool before it’s open to the public, and we’ve stay for a little bit but it’s COLD.  Well, actually the air is cold and the water feels good by this point!  We’ve had the treehouse dump BUCKETS of water on us twice, and E freaked out.  It’s cold and loud with no warning at all.  But we are getting better at the whole process now that a few classes are under our belts.  The family locker room has these “cabana rooms” which allow you to close your crazy toddler into a private room to change and attempt to get dressed.  Some of the rooms even have a shower/sink/toilet so you can really get ready for the day.  It’s a lot of effort for 30-minutes of pool time, but I can already see some progress.  Today we started dipping our cheeks in the water, with ears/eyes in the horizon.  Full dunk coming before the program is over!  Here’s a few images from the first three classes.

2016-03-21 09.46.03-2 2016-03-21 09.58.38 2016-03-23 08.53.09 2016-03-23 09.41.31 2016-03-28 09.00.34

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