More Toddler Yoga

March 7, 2016 | When your BFF E invites you to yoga, you absolutely go!  We purchased a 2-week trial for this yoga studio so we went first with friends, then a week later again on our own.  I’m amazed how quickly she can pick-up the instructions, and retain the songs that were sung.  We still sing the following song a lot:

Legs together, sit up tall!
Hands to our hearts, Namaste
Smell the air
And then say “OOOOMMM” (while arching your arms like a sun rising)

2016-03-07 10.51.50-1 2016-03-07 11.05.31-1 2016-03-07 11.09.37-1 2016-03-07 11.10.35 2016-03-07 11.36.03 2016-03-07 11.36.26 2016-03-14 10.18.57 2016-03-14 10.26.51 2016-03-14 10.26.54

E Tidbits

March 6, 2016 | Just a few bullet-points of random memories

  • E outed her daycare one day, when I pulled out a book of Thomas the Train and she said “Karen! Thomas on TV!” clear as day.  We busted out laughing and she stared at us confused…
  • One evening I was taking off E’s shirt, and the neckhold was somewhat small.  It kinda got stuck on her head, and was pulling her eyes/eyelids up in a HYSTERICAL way.  I started laughing each time I tugged it, and she did too…so this continued for at least five solid minutes.
  • We have entered the phase of reverse-psychology, and we use it for food-purposes. I’m guessing we only have another few months of success!
  • Skipping nap or messing up the schedule is a recipe for DISASTER.  I try so hard to be relaxed about her naps, but we met the demon when we returned from skiing (night #1) and she refused to be comforted by either of us.  Lots of crying/thrashing/etc in her bed was traumatizing for all of us!
  • “I do it!” or “My turn!” are the most common phrases this month.  If we have to be anywhere at a particular time, best to add a 15-minute cushion of time so she can put on her socks/shoes, buckle her car seat (top buckle) and walk herself everywhere.

2016-03-06 18.17.14

Snowboarding Trip

March 3, 2016 | We are away from E overnight only twice a year, and one of those events tends to involve CO and some snow. 🙂  This year we decided to use some credit card miles and FLY, which was so nice.  We flew with Kristen and met Joel in CO, where we lazily made our way around REI, and the downtown area.  It’s so weird to do that once you become a parent…just walk and not have a schedule!  After making our way to the condo, we setup shop and just RELAXED.  We had two full days of skiing to do, so it was all about chillin’.  The rest of the crew met us late that night, and we hit the pillow shortly after.  Day 2 we PLANNED to quit a bit early (because LAWD I am not in as good of shape as I thought) but Breck is spread out so far that we took forever to make our way back to the condo.  That chai at the base was seriously one of the best I’ve had.  We greatly missed several of our friends that we normally ski with, but had a great time for sure!

2016-03-03 12.55.00-1 2016-03-03 16.28.30 2016-03-03 16.44.01 2016-03-03 16.44.04 2016-03-04 08.38.05 2016-03-04 08.39.57 2016-03-04 08.43.06-2 2016-03-04 08.50.57 2016-03-04 08.59.23 HDR 2016-03-04 10.26.21 HDR 2016-03-04 11.45.31-1 2016-03-04 11.45.54 2016-03-04 13.11.12-1 2016-03-04 14.06.10 2016-03-04 18.53.10 2016-03-04 19.37.45 2016-03-05 08.36.53-1 2016-03-05 10.14.34-1 2016-03-05 12.15.30-1 2016-03-05 12.18.18 2016-03-05 15.17.50 2016-03-05 17.15.01

Shamrock Shake

March 1, 2016 | It’s that time again — NICU-release Anniversary!  Two years ago from this day, we were driving away from the NICU and wanted to grab something quick and fun (without exiting the car with the sleeping newborn).  The green ice-cream ad called to me from across the street, so there we went.  And it’s become a fun tradition for us!  Now E is old enough to sit at her own little chair, and to notice the giant indoor playground with tons of kids…which I attempted to let her play but she quickly returned.  The sign says Ages 4+ and that’s the truth.  I don’t want to think about the grossness I touched going in there to grab her…

2016-03-01 17.42.09 2016-03-01 17.43.42 2016-03-01 18.04.46-1 2016-03-01 20.19.48A quick collage showing ALL of the visits!

2016-03-01 20.45.51

EGirls Reunite!

February 22, 2016 | Our BFF E & her baby sister came over for a Monday-morning visit, and E was so excited for it.  We talked about it for days, and she was even checking out the window here and there (just in case)!  I love seeing these two play, and it is amazing how much little N had changed since I saw her last!  Is that some reddish hair I see? 🙂

IMG_1515a IMG_1517a IMG_1523a IMG_1530a IMG_1554a IMG_1557a IMG_1559a

And who needs baby gates when toddlers enjoy being in the kennel?


After looking at these images on my computer, I had to add my own little captions on what went down.

“E, check out this move I can do…maybe you can try it next?” Our E

“Oh yeah, that DOES look like fun!  I can do it too!” Their E
<Our E sneaks over to the baby car-seat to swipe a toy/have full buckle-control>

“Did you see?  E?  Where did you go?”

I see a lot of fun AND trouble with these two in the future…!

Glen Phillips Concert

February 20, 2016 | As if hosting a birthday party wasn’t enough, D and I made plans to attend this super-tiny-venue concert by one of my all time favorites, Glen Phillips.  WOW. I believe the chapel sat 70?  And there was just a single mic, he could see all of us clearly, and there was this ease of conversation that I just loved.  We got there a little late so we were in the last row, but I definitely hope we get to see another show there.  Date night!

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