Bon Voyage

April 16, 2016 | When a couple of your friends purchase a sailboat, in FL, then decide to move there, it’s only fitting to have a Bon Voyage! party.  These two are so fun & free spirited, and I cannot wait to hear about all of their adventures!  Kudos to K & J for putting together a great party for the adults AND kids.  The BBQ was so good, E would stop jumping in the bounce house just to take a bite!  I tried to capture a photo or two of ALL the kids.  I think I succeeded!

RP_BonVoyage_0001 RP_BonVoyage_0002 RP_BonVoyage_0003 RP_BonVoyage_0004 RP_BonVoyage_0005 RP_BonVoyage_0006 RP_BonVoyage_0007 RP_BonVoyage_0008 RP_BonVoyage_0009 RP_BonVoyage_0010 RP_BonVoyage_0011 RP_BonVoyage_0012 RP_BonVoyage_0013 RP_BonVoyage_0014 RP_BonVoyage_0015 RP_BonVoyage_0016 RP_BonVoyage_0017 RP_BonVoyage_0018 RP_BonVoyage_0019 RP_BonVoyage_0020 RP_BonVoyage_0021 RP_BonVoyage_0022 RP_BonVoyage_0023 RP_BonVoyage_0024 RP_BonVoyage_0025 RP_BonVoyage_0026 RP_BonVoyage_0027 RP_BonVoyage_0028 RP_BonVoyage_0029 RP_BonVoyage_0030

Open House

April 16, 2016 | When the local branch of your Alma mater has a free open house, that happens to be family friendly, you attend!  Pancake breakfast, kids activities, free tomato plant and photos in front of a green screen with your background of choice?  Give me all the ‘cheese’-factor. My parents came with E & I, and my sister & crew met us there.  All was going well with Willie the Wildcat until E was handed over to him…and she lost it. Keeping an eye out for him everywhere we went.  Then hiding/gripping my leg if he ever showed up!  Hopefully that will fade soon…but let’s start with some ULTRA-FLATTERING photos by the photographer that was there.




Then a few that I snapped with my phone

2016-04-16 11.46.54 2016-04-16 11.50.36

We stopped by cousin B’s house on our way home…I can’t recall why, or what happened that made B cry.  But E was right there, and totally hugged him until he started to calm down.  It was the sweetest thing!

2016-04-16 12.14.18

the Incident

April 11, 2016 | I wonder about the category to assign this post…Firsts?  Milestone? GROSSNESS?  Let’s just start at the beginning.  It’s a Monday, which is my day with E. We began with swim lessons, where she was just hell-bent not doing anything I asked her to.  Getting her into the building (passed two playgrounds), changed in the locker room, “listening” to the teacher, getting OUT of the pool, passing those playgrounds again, into the car…eesh it was just a long morning.

2016-04-11 08.57.17

So I figured we would burn some energy at the nearby Bass Pro shop.  Where she climbed on everything.  Ran away, hid in the sleeping bags, and just continued to be a bit crazy.

2016-04-11 11.00.06 2016-04-11 11.05.40-1 2016-04-11 11.06.36-1 2016-04-11 11.28.23-2

So it’s getting close to lunchtime, and we decide to head home.  I think we had been inside for all of three minutes when I hear a large spill.

2016-04-11 12.21.59-1

Finally we are getting close to nap.  The break that we BOTH really need.  Stickers are a calm activity that tend to make nap-time a bit easier.  She was asleep!

2016-04-11 13.34.19

There are no photos to document what I found when I went to “wake” her at 4 PM.  The monitor had been totally silent, so I was expecting to stir a waking toddler awake to play. That’s not what I found (or smelled) at all.  I knew that there had to be poo somewhere, but when I pulled back the blackout curtain it was everywhere.  E kept saying “poo poo!” while holding up her chubby fingers…which looked like she had been digging in the dirt.  A lot.  It was on her clothes, her pillow, the crib itself, the sheet, her sock monkey & Elmo.  I literally picked her up, trying to keep those dirty fingers from touching me, and plopped her in the bathtub.  I think I even said “Stay!” as I went back to her room to gather the dirty stuff to be thrown into the washer.  Yes, even the stuffed animals.  Then I stripped her down and started spraying her with the shower head.  My phone was downstairs, but I still don’t think that I was in the frame of mind to take any photos.  I can’t tell you how many times I discussed NOT touching poo with her during the bath…

Yoga was especially necessary that night!


A Nice Little Saturday (no BB&B)

April 9, 2016 | The 2nd Annual “Rock the Belleview” was beginning early at 7 AM, but seeing as that is at least a 30-min drive from our house, we knew we wouldn’t arrive anywhere close to that time. Instead we chose to arrive just a few minutes before the fun was over.  Toddlers, right?  But we still got to witness the O Family and their FIVE kiddos. The boys were all about the beer keg, and asked us about 10 times if we wanted more beer.  In fact, I’m pretty sure they were sneaking some and saying “YUM!”  Did I mention it was also FREEZING outside?2016-04-09 10.29.57-1 2016-04-09 10.51.03-1-1 2016-04-09 10.51.14-1

Since we were up North, we figured why not head to a park that’s new to E (kill some time), and try to phone some friends to meet up for lunch!  The A-clan are often game for a gathering, which meant the E-girls were going to be reunited for some fun

2016-04-09 11.38.35 2016-04-09 11.45.23-1 2016-04-09 13.31.59-2

Seriously…the cuteness…!

2016-04-09 13.35.54 HDR-2-1 2016-04-09 13.36.01-1

That night was a date night with the Dinner Lab.  The food was absolutely incredible this round, with a Game of Thrones theme.  Little did we know at the time, but this would be our final meal…since DL had to shut down.  BOO!

2016-04-09 22.22.47

Fairy Garden

April 3, 2016 | I’ve been seeing these adorable little figurines at the craft stores, and seeing as I adored fairies when I was young I started keeping my eyes peeled.  After being shocked at the pricing, I finally found a little set for just around $7 at Gordmans.  WAY cheaper than the rest, which makes sense since this all sits outside and will likely be be broken by the end of Summer… 🙂

She loved it…and moves the little flowers & fairy around in all sorts of configurations. Plus using her purple polka dot watering can and she’s occupied for a long time.  I enjoy hearing her talk to the fairy and hedgehog, and create a little “story” that must make a whole lot of sense in that toddler-brain of hers.  While there are some challenges with this age, I definitely have a lot of fun with my outdoorsy-girl!

RP_FairyG_0001 RP_FairyG_0002 RP_FairyG_0003 RP_FairyG_0004 RP_FairyG_0005 RP_FairyG_0006 RP_FairyG_0007 RP_FairyG_0008

After a little while, she is wound-up and acting a bit crazy…so I had to capture that too…


Friends Dinner

April 1, 2016 | We try so hard to gather this crew of people together more often, but life is busy all around.  E & C are fairly close in age, so it’s cute to watch them spend some time together.  After a couple of reschedules we finally had a date, and it came at a perfect time.  This same week D received the news that he had matched as a marrow donor.  We talked about it briefly & decided to mention it to our friends around the table that evening. It turns out that BOTH of them had a story relating to how a donor did help/could have helped their families.  I think it was a sign, so D decided to proceed!

They are inspiring people, and we still vow to see one another more frequently… 🙂 Laura made some delicious homemade soup with fresh paninis that were AMAZING!

2016-04-01 21.31.22