Easter #2

March 27, 2016 | Sunday morning we had a very quick Easter-basket-reveal with E.  Since we had hunted eggs so much Saturday, and knew that there would be more that afternoon, the basket was all we did.  She received a lamb-water-bottle, a tiny purse, bottles for her baby-dolls and a couple new books.

Easter2016_0027 Easter2016_0028 Easter2016_0029 Easter2016_0030

Getting ready for church was interesting, since we had to factor in SNOW.  We met Papa & Nana there, and I’m so glad they saved us seats in the basement.  E did better than I thought she would sitting in our laps, but I’m glad it ended when it did.  She was ready to RUN!

2016-03-27 10.05.40-1

Then it was time for brunch with my side of the family.  We put the toddlers right to work getting our food ready… 🙂  Then it was MORE treats in Easter baskets, an egg hunt, and lots of fun.  B was pretty interested in the eggs this year, pending E didn’t run and grab them all first.  Teaching “turns” is a major deal right now — sharing is hard!

Easter2016_0031 Easter2016_0032 Easter2016_0033 Easter2016_0034 Easter2016_0035 Easter2016_0036 Easter2016_0037 Easter2016_0038 Easter2016_0039 Easter2016_0040 Easter2016_0041 Easter2016_0042 Easter2016_0043 Easter2016_0044 Easter2016_0045

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