Easter Celebration #1

March 26, 2016 | After the morning with friends, it was time to head to the farm for Dave’s family Easter.  I remember when we started dating that the focus was EGGS for all of the cousins.  Now that they are all grown up, there are only THREE egg-hunters (E, O & S) so it’s a bit more laid-back.  That and they are easily distracted… 🙂
How fun that Aunt C found AND painted a playground bunny, then installed it on their patio in the cement?!  There happen to be a helmet to wear too, and E was very concerned about safety.  Lots of on/off this toy for all of the littles!

HEaster2016_0001 HEaster2016_0002 HEaster2016_0003 HEaster2016_0004 HEaster2016_0005 HEaster2016_0006 HEaster2016_0007 HEaster2016_0008 HEaster2016_0009 HEaster2016_0010 HEaster2016_0011

Leave it to the photographers’ kid to be uninterested in a cute group-photo…

HEaster2016_0012 HEaster2016_0013 HEaster2016_0014

THIS was her favorite spot of the day…but don’t you dare threaten to actually TURN IT ON.  She chose to hang out here to look through her eggs, eat her dinner, and observe the basketball court!


Can we try one more time for that group photo?  E, duck lips are so not cool anymore!

HEaster2016_0016 HEaster2016_0017 HEaster2016_0018 HEaster2016_0019 HEaster2016_0020 HEaster2016_0021 HEaster2016_0022 HEaster2016_0023 HEaster2016_0024 HEaster2016_0025 HEaster2016_0026

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