A Nice Little Saturday (no BB&B)

April 9, 2016 | The 2nd Annual “Rock the Belleview” was beginning early at 7 AM, but seeing as that is at least a 30-min drive from our house, we knew we wouldn’t arrive anywhere close to that time. Instead we chose to arrive just a few minutes before the fun was over.  Toddlers, right?  But we still got to witness the O Family and their FIVE kiddos. The boys were all about the beer keg, and asked us about 10 times if we wanted more beer.  In fact, I’m pretty sure they were sneaking some and saying “YUM!”  Did I mention it was also FREEZING outside?2016-04-09 10.29.57-1 2016-04-09 10.51.03-1-1 2016-04-09 10.51.14-1

Since we were up North, we figured why not head to a park that’s new to E (kill some time), and try to phone some friends to meet up for lunch!  The A-clan are often game for a gathering, which meant the E-girls were going to be reunited for some fun

2016-04-09 11.38.35 2016-04-09 11.45.23-1 2016-04-09 13.31.59-2

Seriously…the cuteness…!

2016-04-09 13.35.54 HDR-2-1 2016-04-09 13.36.01-1

That night was a date night with the Dinner Lab.  The food was absolutely incredible this round, with a Game of Thrones theme.  Little did we know at the time, but this would be our final meal…since DL had to shut down.  BOO!

2016-04-09 22.22.47

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