Bon Voyage

April 16, 2016 | When a couple of your friends purchase a sailboat, in FL, then decide to move there, it’s only fitting to have a Bon Voyage! party.  These two are so fun & free spirited, and I cannot wait to hear about all of their adventures!  Kudos to K & J for putting together a great party for the adults AND kids.  The BBQ was so good, E would stop jumping in the bounce house just to take a bite!  I tried to capture a photo or two of ALL the kids.  I think I succeeded!

RP_BonVoyage_0001 RP_BonVoyage_0002 RP_BonVoyage_0003 RP_BonVoyage_0004 RP_BonVoyage_0005 RP_BonVoyage_0006 RP_BonVoyage_0007 RP_BonVoyage_0008 RP_BonVoyage_0009 RP_BonVoyage_0010 RP_BonVoyage_0011 RP_BonVoyage_0012 RP_BonVoyage_0013 RP_BonVoyage_0014 RP_BonVoyage_0015 RP_BonVoyage_0016 RP_BonVoyage_0017 RP_BonVoyage_0018 RP_BonVoyage_0019 RP_BonVoyage_0020 RP_BonVoyage_0021 RP_BonVoyage_0022 RP_BonVoyage_0023 RP_BonVoyage_0024 RP_BonVoyage_0025 RP_BonVoyage_0026 RP_BonVoyage_0027 RP_BonVoyage_0028 RP_BonVoyage_0029 RP_BonVoyage_0030

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