Fairy Garden

April 3, 2016 | I’ve been seeing these adorable little figurines at the craft stores, and seeing as I adored fairies when I was young I started keeping my eyes peeled.  After being shocked at the pricing, I finally found a little set for just around $7 at Gordmans.  WAY cheaper than the rest, which makes sense since this all sits outside and will likely be be broken by the end of Summer… 🙂

She loved it…and moves the little flowers & fairy around in all sorts of configurations. Plus using her purple polka dot watering can and she’s occupied for a long time.  I enjoy hearing her talk to the fairy and hedgehog, and create a little “story” that must make a whole lot of sense in that toddler-brain of hers.  While there are some challenges with this age, I definitely have a lot of fun with my outdoorsy-girl!

RP_FairyG_0001 RP_FairyG_0002 RP_FairyG_0003 RP_FairyG_0004 RP_FairyG_0005 RP_FairyG_0006 RP_FairyG_0007 RP_FairyG_0008

After a little while, she is wound-up and acting a bit crazy…so I had to capture that too…


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