Friends Dinner

April 1, 2016 | We try so hard to gather this crew of people together more often, but life is busy all around.  E & C are fairly close in age, so it’s cute to watch them spend some time together.  After a couple of reschedules we finally had a date, and it came at a perfect time.  This same week D received the news that he had matched as a marrow donor.  We talked about it briefly & decided to mention it to our friends around the table that evening. It turns out that BOTH of them had a story relating to how a donor did help/could have helped their families.  I think it was a sign, so D decided to proceed!

They are inspiring people, and we still vow to see one another more frequently… 🙂 Laura made some delicious homemade soup with fresh paninis that were AMAZING!

2016-04-01 21.31.22

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